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Bravas Presents the Top 7 Lighting Designers in America

BRAVAS Presents the Top 7 Lighting Designers in America

Let these Lighting Designers Illuminate Your Home

A well-trained and experienced lighting designer can make moving in and living with beautiful lighting a much more enjoyable experience. If you want to go beyond simple “lights on, lights off” in your space, you need a lighting design expert.

Lighting design is about more than just finding a nice chandelier or fixture for each room and application. It’s about putting each and every light in your home to best use in order to evoke certain emotions, increase comfort, and enhance functionality.

The right lighting designer will be able to assess your home and design a plan that takes into account placement, control, aesthetics and function in order to create the right experience and ambiance for each area of your home. As with any industry, some lighting designers go above and beyond to provide excellent service and superior quality work, which is why we’ve put together this list of designers that we at BRAVAS can vouch for.

Here are just a few top-of-the-field experts around North America:

  1. Station Earth- Based in Fergus, Ontario
  2. AVD- Based in Mission Viejo, California
  3. SES Design Group- Based in Houston, Texas
  4. Starr Systems Design- Based in Baltimore, Maryland
  5. Smart Systems- Based in Dallas, Texas
  6. Digital Interiors- Based in Alpharetta, Georgia
  7. LIGHTWORKS- Based in San Diego, California

These companies are certified Lutron design companies, so they’re well equipped to handle both the home automation and the design aspects of your home upgrade. You can view these companies as go-to consultants for your lighting design needs—not sure where to start? Let a lighting designer open your eyes to the different possibilities for your unique space.

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