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Bravas Identifies Top Breakthrough Technologies

BRAVAS Identifies Top Breakthrough Technologies

4 Trends Worth Your Time and Attention

Technology is always evolving, always advancing, and always promising something big and better with added convenience and ease-of-use capabilities. The same can be said about the home tech front where not much stands still, and over the past six months homeowners and tech aficionados alike have been paying closer attention to some of those changes.

In the world of home tech, companies continue to offer higher resolution TVs, refrigerators with built-in screens, and appliances you control using a smartphone. BRAVAS, a 5-star collection of top tech designers, identifies several technologies that have pushed their way to the forefront.

Ultra Thin

Remember when owning a big-screen TV meant that it dominated the room whether it was turned on or not? While the screens have grown over the years, the space they occupy is getting smaller. TV OLED technology offers a 1/10-inch-deep television that at 77 inches wide provides an amazingly clear picture, sharper and more well-defined than ever before. It weighs about the same amount as a typical laptop and can be mounted with magnets on a wall or on glass.

Additionally, we expect to see more experimental developments like translucent, mirrored, and modular television screens.

Voice Control

One of the biggest breakthroughs in smart home technology is voice control. Move over push button; there is power in the voice. According to Coldwell Banker’s 2017 Smart Home Marketplace Survey, Americans are raving over the new technology.

Products like Amazon Echo and Google Assistant have opened the door (almost literally) for controlling your home and lots of devices within it. Welcome to the world of hands-free control where homeowners can easily set reminders and to-do lists as well as control music, the thermostat, and door locks. Next time you need to order an Uber, let your voice do the talking.

Whirlpool recently released a new line of washers, dryers, refrigerators, and ovens that can be controlled using Amazon Alexa. Homeowners can now control temperature settings, cook times, and enable quiet modes on their appliances.

Smart Cameras

Home security cameras are more intelligent than ever. With built-in facial recognition technology, homeowners can easily tell who is in the house: a loved one or a stranger. The technology can also send alerts to a smartphone with the names of the people it sees directly.

Now homeowners can check in on their kids, pets, or an exotic jewel collection from afar.

Privacy Glass

Sometimes clear but other times opaque, privacy glass can electronically change the transparency of the glass to provide the right scene. Great for use as a wall that sometimes can be transformed to reveal stunning outdoor views. The high-performance glass also darkens in the presence of direct sunlight to block heat, glare, and damaging ultraviolet light.

As the technology landscape continues to change, know that you have a team of highly qualified experts here to help you. Contact a local BRAVAS partner who can explain these and other technologies better, simply call on their expertise.

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