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Bravas Designers Go Square on the Ceiling

BRAVAS Designers Go Square on the Ceiling

Speakers Complement Lighting Fixtures

When designing a new home or remodeling a fixer upper, homeowners rarely think about the ceilings. Instead, most of their design decisions center on fixtures, flooring, and countertop selection. However, the topology of our ceilings is changing. Interior design trends have shifted in the direction of square lighting fixtures, and these lines have carried over to square format built-in speakers.

BRAVAS designers from around North America are taking notice and offering best-of-breed brands to meet the challenge of both the discerning eye and ear. Particularly within contemporary and modern designs, square fixtures are finding a stronghold as interior designers continually search for technology that seamlessly blends with their artistic vision.

Four different architectural speaker companies now offer square format speakers that mix and match wonderfully to the ceiling aesthetic. This series of speakers deliver a blend of high-performance audio and a superior visual appeal. Homeowners get amazing sonic performance with minimal visual intrusion. No longer do audiophiles have to fear disrupting their interior design for the sake of good music. The expertly designed speakers feature totally flush and bezel-less grilles that neatly disappear into the surrounding ceiling. The form complements the shape of down lights and offers zero shadow lines.

These purpose-built speakers don’t just look good. Their design brings out the best in movies, TV, gaming and multimedia content. Plus their integrated enclosures reduce disturbance in adjoining rooms and direct sound where it is required, meaning the speakers deliver even coverage in any size room.

The slightly smaller speaker format should not be dismissed simply due to its size. These mighty counterparts, when used in greater number, allow for the even dispersion of sound versus the typical stereo pair approach traditionally taken. This speaker strategy means the homeowner can get better looking, better sounding, and better quality speakers all at the same time.

The BRAVAS experience begins with a conversation about you, your personal preferences, unique lifestyle and your dreams. In our studio, we render a design that fits you. From the wine cellar to the walk-in closet, we present creative examples of technology seamlessly blended within your home.

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