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Bravas Checklist: Get the Best Quality Lighting Control System

BRAVAS Checklist: Get the Best Quality Lighting Control System

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The list of lighting control benefits is lengthy, from added security and energy savings to increased comfort and productivity. This home technology is worth the investment and will keep the homeowner from struggling with an armful of groceries while fumbling with the keys as they attempt to find the light switch. Instead, owners can control the lights using their voice or via motion sensors. Isn’t it time you investigated this smart home must-have in more detail? Read through our handy checklist to get started.

When it comes to truly great lighting control, BRAVAS designers lean heavily on the Lutron HomeWorks line of products. Over the last 50 years, Lutron has been the leader in innovation, conceiving hundreds of lighting control systems, and with more than 15,000 products. For large-scale, luxury homes with many lighting loads, the HomeWorks system is second to none.

Homeowners interested in quality lighting control should take several factors into consideration before beginning this illuminating journey. Below we’ve created a list of a few questions that will get you thinking about the different features and attributes that need to be taken into account.

  1. Can the lighting control system handle the different types of fixtures throughout my home? If your home is like most, there are a number of fixture styles in each room as well as throughout the house, including recessed and track lighting, pendants, and chandeliers.
  2. Does the system provide house-wide coverage? For those expansive, luxury homes, you may require a system that incorporates both wired and wireless solutions. You won’t want to limit your control to just interior lights. Consider the convenience of being able to adjust garage, pool and outdoor lighting with the press of a single button.
  3. Does the lighting system provide various control options or offer décor switches and keypads? Whether you are lying in bed watching the late night news or entering your driveway, the system should allow for easy, intuitive control that is always at your fingertips. A car visor transmitter provides complete control of your lighting system from the comfort of your vehicle. Tabletop keypads offer placement flexibility for control of your lights from a bedside table, countertop or end table. Other control options include touchscreens, remotes, wall plates, smart devices like a phone or a tablet, and Amazon Alexa. 
  4. Is the system compatible with shades and drapes? Control of the electrical lights in your home is just one piece of lighting automation. The ability to utilize daylight in our homes can aid in saving energy, adding to our emotional health, and creating privacy when we need it. The convenience factors alone cannot be overstated. Lights that pair with your home’s shades will change the way you wake up, say goodnight, and even enjoy your favorite movie.
  5. Does the lighting control system offer compatible LED options? By now we all know the advantages of LED bulbs, but if your new system isn’t compatible, then you’ll miss out on the benefits. Think longer bulb life, greater energy savings, and design flexibility.
  6. Does the system have a proven track record of reliability/durability? If it meets the rigorous standards of the White House, Buckingham Palace and the Statue of Liberty, than it’s a safe bet you’ve found a lighting control system of quality.

Whether you want to install a new system or upgrade an existing one, a careful review of the various options is paramount to ensuring it meets all your needs. In fact, this might be one of the most important infrastructure decisions you’ll make. Hopefully, this checklist from BRAVAS will help make the choice a bit easier and provide years of enjoyment.

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