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Boost Your Business Security System with Access Control

Boost Your Business Security System with Access Control

Protect Your Dallas Office from Unauthorized Activity

The easiest way to keep your office safe is by putting security measures in place that keep out unauthorized individuals, which is why access control is such an essential part of business security systems.

There are a variety of different access control solutions available right now, from traditional card readers and keypads to fingerprint scanners and face recognition cameras. Access control is changing as technology evolves, and your Dallas-area company can reap the benefits of these advancements to create a more secure environment.


Restrict Access to Spaces and Technology

Different tiers of employees have different levels of access, and a business security system makes it simple to set those permissions and adjust them in the future. A new employee might only have access to a few rooms at the start of their time with the company, but the longer they stay, the more areas open up to them.

Your access control system provides a report of who entered which spaces at what time, and it can be connected to your security cameras to record anytime someone enters a room. This is very handy for investigation purposes and also gives you a way to immediately view suspicious activity as it’s happening.

You don’t necessarily want everyone in your office to be able to access the building’s audio-video system, for example, and your business security technology can generate a random key allowing people to gain one-time access for a limited period. 


Enact Emergency Protocols

In an emergency, having a smart business security system helps all of your employees make their way to safety. If there’s a fire, air quality sensors can automatically unlock the doors people will need to get out quickly, and the HVAC system can change the direction of the airflow to clear out smoke in the most affected areas.

If a potential intruder tries to tamper with a keypad or card reader, you’ll receive an automatic alert telling you someone is trying to break in. The office will go into lockdown, and you can use your office’s intercom system to remotely issue a verbal warning that the intruder has been detected and authorities have been notified.

Our team at Smart Systems can help by providing you with the ideal access control and audio-video solutions and ongoing support for your workplace in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. 

Want to learn more about how you can upgrade the business security system of your Dallas office? Reach out to the experts at Smart Systems by calling (972) 488-5100 or filling out our online form.


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