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Boost Energy Efficiency With Home Lighting Control and Shades

Boost Energy Efficiency With Home Lighting Control and Shades

Here’s How Intelligent Lighting and Shading Are Eco-Friendly Options

Springtime here in Georgia is approaching, and that means one thing: Warmer weather is just around the corner.

As much as we are looking forward to the summer months ahead, balmier temperatures come with an unwelcome side effect.

Your energy bill goes up as you spend more attempting to keep your home cool.

That’s why now is the perfect time for you to opt for a lighting control system and motorized shades in your Buckhead, Georgia home.

Below, we explore how intelligent lighting and shading can be an energy-efficient solution for your property this summer.

Just keep reading to find out more.

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Intelligent Lighting and Shading Basics

When it comes to upgrading your lighting and your shading, the first step toward achieving a more eco-friendly home is simple.

Use lightbulbs and window-treatment fabrics that already are environmentally efficient.

For example, we at Digital Interiors will use LED bulbs for our home lighting installations. Compared to typical incandescent bulbs, LED counterparts use at least 75 percent less energy and last 25 times longer.

We also can include light-colored motorized shade fabrics that reflect sunlight and diminish solar heat gain in your home – particularly useful during those warm summer afternoons.

With a more environmentally-conscious lighting and shading infrastructure, you will have the framework necessary to support significantly lower energy consumption. We explain how, below.

Energy-Efficient Automation and Control

Once we have updated your home to include LED lighting and reflective shading, the next step is building a system that capitalizes on energy-saving opportunities.

Digital Interiors will expertly craft a lighting control system and shades solution customized to your property’s needs.

Among what we can do:

  • Install photo sensors that automatically will roll down your motorized shades at the detection of direct sunlight, keeping your interior cool.
  • Include occupancy sensors that will turn a room’s lights off once it’s vacant, so that you don’t unnecessarily spend energy.
  • Craft a control interface from which you can turn every light off or roll down all blinds with just the press of a button on either your smartphone, tablet, in-wall keypad or touchscreen panel, or remote – ensuring a light or shade never accidentally causes more energy spending.
  • Integrate your lighting and shading with other technologies, such as an intelligent thermostat, so that you can optimize your energy-saving potential.

No matter how capable a lighting control system and shades might be at adding energy-efficiency to your home, you won’t get the most out of your technology if you don’t know how to use your system.

That’s why we always customize our projects to our clients’ preferences and personally guide them through their new technology after our installations are complete.

Want to find out more about our intelligent lighting and shading solutions for your Buckhead, Georgia home?

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