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Bolster Your Boardroom Presentations With Commercial Automation

Bolster Your Boardroom Presentations With Commercial Automation

Simplified Solutions for Strengthening Your Stage Presence

What do Moorestown and Delaware Valley business owners have in common with the world’s biggest rock stars? When they offer a presentation (or put on a concert), all eyes need to be on them. But stage presence isn’t just about being the biggest personality – it’s about having the technology in place to capture the attention of your audience. If you’re trying to close a sale, impress a partner, educate your employees or you just want to play some tracks off of your latest album, these commercial automation solutions are for you.

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Projector and Screen

One of the most versatile pieces of equipment in any boardroom is the projector. This single device helps you host meetings, conduct PowerPoint presentations and offer valuable visual information efficiently. But your office projector is not the same as your home theater projector, and there are certain things to look out for when selecting the right one.

For instance, most offices don’t offer ideal lighting conditions. Ambient light could filter in through large windows or open doors. Therefore, you’ll want a projector with enough brightness (measured in lumens) to counter all other light. Similarly, you’ll want a high-contrast device that will show text and other info when the lights are on.

Of course, a projector is only half of the ideal presentation system. The screen is also essential. Traditional screens are white, allowing them to reflect the most light and present the brightest image. However, they aren’t discerning about light sources. High-contrast grey or black screens are available that can reject light from all sources besides the projector. The result is a clear image in any condition.

Motorized Shading

By now you’ve probably figured out that light can be a huge factor in your presentations and the ability to control it will help you become the center of attention. One of the smartest ways to control ambient lighting situations is motorized shading.

Exterior windows are a common issue, and interior windows can be even more problematic. With one touch you could close the shades on both, reducing light and adding privacy to the setting. Whether you want to keep a meeting confidential or just reduce distractions, motorized shades are a perfect fit.

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you conduct business meetings with smart commercial automation solutions? Contact us today.

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