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Best of Breed Companies Set High Standards in Home Technology

Best of Breed Companies Set High Standards in Home Technology

BRAVAS Companies Achieve Bespoke by Delivering Creativity and Craftsmanship Above and Beyond

Just as every home is unique and custom in the luxury space, so is the backbone tech system that supports the owner’s lifestyle demands. In today’s environment, BRAVAS partners throughout America and Canada accomplish this bespoke design.

Catering to easy-to-use phones, tablets and touchscreen interfaces, and now even voice control, is one element. Placing lights, shades, video and audio experiences throughout the home create the ambiance and living routine that befit adults and families alike. Technology options often mirror the designer flare for the home and the luxury brands that estate minded clients prefer.

Bespoke typically means unique, very tightly held, unattainable for most, distinctive, highly tailored, and beyond the means of many.

Here are the top bespoke requested items:

  1. Lighting fixtures and controls
  2. Amazing fabrics for window treatments
  3. Tailored finishes from wall plates to equipment racks
  4. Hidden technology and lifts
  5. Architectural privacy glass

Begin a conversation with a designer who can help achieve your goals for a truly personalized system.

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