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Autonomic Makes Managing Your Multi-Room Audio a Breeze

Autonomic Makes Managing Your Multi-Room Audio a Breeze

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Autonomic Audio Distribution

One of the top benefits of audio video distribution is being able to enjoy your favorite music in multiple rooms of your house at once. But if your multi-room A/V system isn’t easy to manage, it can take away from the experience altogether.

If you love the experience of multi-room audio and have speakers located throughout your house, we recommend the Autonomic – the music streamer that takes whole-home audio to a new level of enjoyment and simplicity. Find out why Autonomic is best for your multi-room audio system by continuing to read below.


Easy Management

Autonomic can easily make operating your audio distribution system a part of your daily routine. It stands out above others because it can so seamlessly integrate with your existing smart home control systems that are in place, such as your URC (Universal Remote Control) home automation system.

Its open API makes integrating with these systems simple, so you can go from adjusting lights and lowering motorized shades, to switching songs and the rooms in which it plays.

Whether you’re hosting a party or just hanging out with family or friends, you can make the evening more comfortable and enjoyable by letting guests try out your Autonomic system.

The TuneBridge smartphone or tablet application simplifies the process even more. With its “music-first approach,” the app lets you search songs and albums across different services and platforms, and allows you to create music scenes that are ready each time you press play.

There won’t be any fumbling or confusion as you and your guests maneuver the system – the app’s user interface will allow them to choose playlists and albums in seconds.

Use your smartphone, tablet, or even view the user interface on your TV with an HDMI connection – it’s that easy and viewable for everyone.

Superior Features

Autonomic lets you create a custom music streamer made with your home and needs in mind. You can have a single audio source streaming to multiple rooms at once, or have multiple sources and multiple zones, depending on what you think will benefit your family and house the most.

For example, a 1e Streamer is Autonomic’s single-source streamer that is compact and lets you listen to your one source at a time in any area of your property. On the other end are the 3e and 5e Streamers that allow you to enjoy multiple audio sources playing simultaneously in different zones and rooms throughout your house.

Have music play in the great room and audio of the 76ers or Flyers gameplay throughout the basement, or sync up one song to play in every corner of your living space at the same time – it’s all up to you. Plus, your sound quality is guaranteed to be crystal-clear every time. Autonomic makes listening to your favorite music more accessible than ever for you.

Want to learn more about Autonomic and our audio video distribution solutions throughout the Delaware Valley?

Feel free chat live with us below or contact us here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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