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Automation Technology for Your Business: No More Boring Boardrooms

Automation Technology for Your Business: No More Boring Boardrooms

Enjoy a smarter conference room design and get more done in your Little Rock office

There are few locations more important to the day-to-day operation of your business than your conference room. There’s no avoiding the need for a central location to gather your team, share ideas and distribute vital information. In many cases, it may also be the place where you bring potential clients to show off what your team can do.

With all these crucial activities taking place in one room, you want a conference room with all the digital tools available to keep your business running smoothly. Audio Dimensions can help by integrating the latest commercial automation technology. Today we’ll walk you through how automation can improve the conference room design of your Little Rock business.

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In terms of pure aesthetic and productivity benefits, it’s hard to beat installing lighting control in your conference room and the rest of your workspace.

Let’s start with the efficiency benefits. By installing motion sensors and using automated schedules, lighting control systems can make sure your conference room or other spaces aren’t being lit when nobody’s using those rooms.

Lighting control systems are also more efficient because dimmers help you only use the amount of light you need instead of having each fixture constantly operating at full strength. Lastly, lighting control helps your workers be more productive by using light to help your employees better align their work schedule with their natural circadian rhythm.

Commercial lighting control isn’t just about efficiency, though. The LED lights and dimmers used in lighting control systems allow for a much greater range of lighting styles. This gives your conference room some extra visual flair, in addition to making your office more efficient.


One of the most powerful systems you can install in your conference room is a one-touch video conference system from Crestron or Control4. These devices make meetings simpler and more productive by centralizing all your presentation tools. Enjoy built-in wireless presentation technology, multiple HDMI ports and a USB hub for simple connections, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with any presentation software. That way you’ll spend more time focusing on the content of your meetings instead of worrying about getting all your devices to talk to each other.

Another useful tool for your conference room is digital whiteboards. You can use these devices to seamlessly share your presentation on a screen and with remote team members using a web browser. The whiteboard also automatically takes a screenshot every time a change is made, allowing you to compile those images for later use.


You want your staff focused on getting work done while they’re in your building, not dealing with trivial distractions. These distractions include confusion over who has reserved your conference room or other space for a particular time, but it’s a problem that can be easily eliminated.

Access control and automated scheduling programs are an excellent way to help your workforce keep better track of who needs to use which space for a meeting. Your employees can use the system to reserve your conference room and let everyone else know when they’ll be in the space. And when it’s time for everyone to head home, that same system can automatically lock down your building.

This is just the beginning of how commercial automation can transform your conference room and your office more broadly. To learn more, click on the chat box in your browser, call us at (501) 223-1115, or fill out our online contact sheet.

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