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Ask the Audio Visual Consultant: Adding Digital Art and NFTs to your TVs

Ask the Audio Visual Consultant: Adding Digital Art and NFTs to your TVs

We’ve written a few blogs on this page on the best way to hide technology like televisions, either with innovative cabinets, moving concealment options, as well as adding art on something like a Samsung FrameTV. 

Digital Art

But as audio visual consultants, we always think there’s more to discuss on this topic.  We recently hosted a podcast with Dan Mikesell from Blackdove – all about digital art.

These days televisions are only getting bigger, are in public rooms, and are mostly off for 85 -90% of the day.  This creates a significant design problem for luxury homes.  No one wants to see an empty dark void on their walls that detracts from the design of the space.  What they would like to see is what Blackdove refers to as a Digital Canvas. We’ve seen something similar with the Samsung FrameTV and their video art library.

Samsung’s subscription-based library offers a collection of static art, while Blackdove provides something a bit more unique - a meeting point between curated art and technology. All of Blackdove’s selection consists of moving digital artwork.  Users can choose 3-5 pieces of moving art to create a "playlist" that cycles their selected art throughout the day. Blackdove’s collections consist of nature and landscape art, flyover art, wellness art, and everything in between.  Even the elusive NFTs are available through Blackdove.



What is an NFT, and how do I…watch one??

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are essentially digital artworks that allow and establish ownership of the artwork and potential re-sale of the piece.  NFTs are bought and sold through marketplaces with a cryptocurrency called Ethereum (ETH). Artists can even be commissioned to create NFTs specifically for a clients’ personal tastes. Blackdove allows collectors of Digital Art/NFTs to upload their own artwork for display on any TV in any home at any time and uses its own server to store art locally, mitigating any connection issues and allowing for remote servicing should any problems arise. 


Still confused? You’re not alone! 

Still want digital art to display on your TVs? Your local audio visual consultants on the BRAVAS team can help you there. 

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