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Art Frame TVs and Concealment Technology Recap

Art Frame TVs and Concealment Technology Recap

So, you worked tirelessly with your interior designer and architect to create a beautiful, modern interior in your new home. However, you may have been disappointed with how the technology fit (or didn't) with the overall aesthetic. We've discussed the "dark void" issue in previous blogs. In this blog, we're re-visiting some options to address this problem using art, total concealment, or both when hiding TVs in the home.


When your TV is off, it's basically useless. It may sound harsh, but if you think about it, we're all just hanging black rectangles over a beautiful mantle or on a wall with gorgeous treatments meticulously chosen for a reason. To make the room beautiful.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to choose the right TV. One that allows you to display art instead of a black screen. In this scenario, The Samsung Frame TV may be the right option for you. Using the "art mode" feature allows you to choose artwork that goes with the overall décor of your space when the TV is off.

Another excellent option for Art Frame TVs is to use a company called Blackdove. The difference here is the option to display one-of-a-kind, digital, moving artwork that you own. Blackdove allows you to purchase and display your digital art collection and even NFT Artwork from world-renowned artists.

You can use Media Décor as an alternative, combining art and concealment using your personal art collection with TV lift mechanisms.


Design Choices


Another option may be to add a mirror TV to your wall. This solution can enhance the design of your room by brightening up the space with reflected light and potentially creating the illusion of more space. Seura TV Mirrors have options for living rooms, bedrooms, and even styles for your bathroom vanity.

Hide it All

Of course, you may not want to see a TV screen at all but still want the option to watch when it suits you. So why not hide it completely and choose a TV Lift that pops out of the floor or ceiling? While achievable in a retrofit application, these options are most practical and cost-effective when planned during the building phase of a new project.

At BRAVAS, we install a lot of motorized shades, draperies, and curtains. We have even seen clients use motorized curtains on a wall application to efficiently hide or reveal TVs behind them. A simple and elegant solution.

It's Not Just TVs

Let's not forget that speakers can become another eyesore in a modern interior. However, many speakers and acoustic treatments look as amazing as they sound, doubling as gallery-level artwork. Check out the Ente SoundTile and Sound Sculpture by Leon and Artnovion acoustic panels for some great examples of "speakers as art." 

Lastly, Sonance Invisible Speakers are designed to be heard and not seen at all. Sonance makes in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that deliver music that emanates throughout the space with no visual footprint whatsoever. How’s that for concealment!?


When you think about the design of your space, what solutions would enhance the look of your home? We're here to help! Reach out to BRAVAS Austin to help guide you through the best Art Frame TVs and concealment technology solutions for you.

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