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Are Access Control Systems Right for Your Business?

Are Access Control Systems Right for Your Business?

We’re Taking A Look at the Benefits, Challenges and Logistics

As your business scales up, you may find that a traditional lock-and-key system for employee entrance and exits doesn’t make you feel secure. With more people coming in and out, it becomes necessary to restrict the public from accessing confidential information. It also makes your growing employee base feel safer within their office building.

Have you considered access control systems to strengthen security in your Oklahoma City, OK commercial space?

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Discuss the Logistics

With the help of an experienced tech integrator, you can explore the access options for employees depending on several factors -- most importantly, the size of your building and number of doors. Talk to a professional about your needs and which of the benefits listed below are most important to you.

You should also talk about what kind of entry works best for you and your employees. Do you prefer a fingerprint scan? A badge? A PIN? A dual authentication with two of these? They all bring individual benefits and drawbacks -- i.e., you could easily lose a badge or forget a PIN, but a fingerprint or hand scanner could harbor germs, etc. You might even conduct a quick poll to see what your employees prefer.

Many Benefits

As we mentioned before, access control systems protect employees and their possessions from imposters. As you obtain more employees who have various schedules, access control systems become more necessary. For examples, many businesses operate 24 hours and need to harbor their third-shift employees.

Corporations often want to monitor their employees’ comings and goings, and you can accomplish this with access control systems: Just make sure you let your employees know that you plan to monitor their time spent in the office in this manner. You can also keep employees away from restricted areas in the building, such as the HR or accounting files, by giving only designated employees access to that area.

If you travel for business frequently, make sure you talk to your professional about a system you can observe remotely, from a phone or tablet.

Minor Challenges

Employees will have to learn a new system and turn in any equipment, like physical keys, that they previously used to enter the building. It’s best to conduct a short info session and prepare for a few hiccups right after the system gets implemented. People accustomed to using badges are going to leave them at home for a while, and those who have PINs will forget them until it’s second nature. If you have a receptionist, expect a short period of ushering employees into the door.

Also, you’ll need to take inventory of how the security system is working every year. Talk to your tech integrator about any concerns, most importantly, if anyone has tampered with any part of the access control. Consider evaluating whether the credentials you’re using are the best for your business or if you want to start using multiple credentials to maximize security.

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