What Exactly is Tunable LED Lighting?

In order to bring you natural indoor lighting that can elevate your mood and put you in sync with your circadian rhythm, a tunable white lighting system makes it possible for you to adjust a room’s correlated color temperature (CCT) with ease.

Often, standard fluorescent and LED light bulbs only have one white color temperature that you can’t change at all. So even when the circumstances and situation vary, you’re left with the same temperature throughout the day. A cool white, for example, inspires focus and concentration – ideal for the daytime – while warmer whites are ideal for relaxing – best for the evening.

Your body and mind crave natural lighting that the sun gives – so if you’re stuck indoors for a significant portion of the day, the lack of sunlight can throw off your circadian rhythm. The proper tunable LED light bulb or fixture will mimic natural lighting and will adjust just as the sun moves across the sky throughout the day. This will bring balance your rhythm, and in turn, help to boost your mood and motivate you to go about your day.

With tunable lighting, you can choose how a bulb or fixture looks from a whole range of color temperatures on the white light spectrum, from a warmer light to a cooler one depending on what you want. Some tunable bulbs and fixtures even offer the capability to display light from the RGB spectrum – giving you an endless world of lighting possibilities for your home.

So, now that you know what tunable lighting and is, it’s time to look into the specific LED lighting systems that might work best for you and your living space.

Customizable Lighting for Any Occasion

Our team at Starr System Design offers tunable LED lighting installations from both Ketra and USAI Lighting. Depending on which home control system you have in your house, both are excellent tunable lighting systems. Ketra, for example, works best with Lutron’s HomeWorks QS system, while USAI Lighting works best with a Savant home control system.

Both systems make it easy to elevate your home’s design with your tunable light bulbs and fixtures. As the sun rises and sets, you can program your tunable lighting system to match its journey and balance your circadian rhythm – giving you that same level of comfort that natural lighting provides.

These systems allow you to customize your lighting completely. Not only are they perfect for achieving a healthier lifestyle, but they also are fun to use. From the Savant or the Lutron mobile application, you can make easy and fun adjustments to your system, such as changing the color of the lights in a room or even creating custom scenes that are accessible at the touch of a button.

For example, you can schedule a scene that slowly brightens your master bedroom lights to a cool, white tone to waken you up on weekday mornings. Ready to relax and watch some TV with the family? Just create a “Relax” scene and watch as the lights change to a warmer white hue and dim to your preferred levels as you unwind after a long day. With tunable LED light fixtures, you can go far beyond a standard lighting control system – giving you the ultimate flexibility in how you can control your home’s lighting.

This is just the start of what a tunable LED lighting installation can do for your home in the Washington Metro area. Want to learn more?

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