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An Interior Designer’s Starter Guide to Lutron Lighting Control Systems

An Interior Designer’s Starter Guide to Lutron Lighting Control Systems

Find Out How Our Home Lighting Control Services Can Elevate Your Projects

As an interior designer, your goal is to create more effective and beautiful spaces for your clients. You use your expertise to design beautiful homes that are also functional. But we at Smart Systems have a question for you: Are you making the most of your clients’ lighting controls?

As a professional installer of lighting control systems in Westlake, Texas, and throughout the Metroplex area, our team is well aware of the interior design benefits of smart lighting. And through our partnerships with the interior design community, we can help bring elevated lighting control systems to your projects, as well!

In this blog, we highlight some of the best benefits of our home lighting control services that you as an interior designer can take advantage of through your projects. Just keep reading below to find out more!

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Go Beyond the Standard Light Switch

When you think about light controls, what is the first thing that comes to mind? It likely is the on/off switch so commonly found in homes here throughout the United States. In today’s world, however, lighting control can go far beyond the light switch. And that’s what our team specializes in – bringing elevated lighting control to homes throughout the Metroplex area.

We at Smart Systems use Lutron lighting control technology in our installations due to the brand’s historical innovation and reliability in home lighting. Founded in 1961, Lutron was one of the first to promote the light dimmer, and nearly 60 years later, the company continues to be at the forefront of modern lighting control solutions.

Either using hardwired or wireless, RF connections, you can bring Lutron lighting control to any-sized interior design project – whether for a condominium in Dallas or an expansive home in Westlake. You can replace “dumb” on/off switches with Lutron’s wide variety of “smart” lighting controls and even empower your clients to control their lights through their personal smartphones.

But why Lutron? How can Lutron elevate your projects? We explain below.

Create Customized Lighting Scenes

One of the main benefits of using Lutron lighting control systems in your projects is the ability to create preset lighting scenes that your clients can access through custom wall-mounted keypads or through their system control application on their smartphone.

During the installation phase of the lighting control system, our team will work directly with you to program lighting scenes for your client. This gives you the ability to create the perfect look in a room – and have that exact appearance saved so your client can access it later. There are an endless amount of scenes you can create as an interior designer, and we can help make sure your clients can easily access them through the strategic placement of custom-engraved keypads and via their smartphone app.

Dimmers and Switch Design

Perhaps you are hesitant about the idea of creating more “wall acne” through lighting controls. Lutron acknowledges this and has elevated the designs of its on/off switch replacements. Choose from switches or dimmers that not only range from classic designs to modern and sleek but also come in a variety of colors and finishes that perfectly can match your clients’ interior design tastes.

The same goes for Lutron’s keypads as well. Not only can you custom-engrave them, but you also can order them in a variety of styles and finishes that make them a complement to your interior design efforts – not an eyesore.

If you want to learn more about Lutron or Smart Systems’ lighting control solutions, we would love for you to reach to us! Our team is more than happy to provide you with a no-obligation consultation about our services and how we can assist with your interior design efforts.

To get in touch with us, contact us here or give us a call at (972) 488-5100. We look forward to assisting you

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