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A Space to Play: Crafting the Ultimate Home Media Room

A Space to Play: Crafting the Ultimate Home Media Room

Get the Most out of Game Time With Integrated AV

For homeowners in the Jersey Shore, finding ways to relax on their property is essential. Whether they want to catch an MLB game, challenge their friends to a round of Madden or just chill with a movie, a home media room offers a versatile environment. Integrate everything from multiple video displays to hidden technology into your smart home system for convenient control of all your devices. Read on to learn more.

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Multiple Displays

One of the hottest trends in modern home media rooms is integrating multiple video displays throughout the space. Why? Because more displays mean more screen time for you and your friends. Online multi-player games, numerous sporting events running simultaneously – it’s all possible when you have three or four TVs working in unison.

How do you generate enough content to fill four screens at once? Simple; you need to have multiple sources. But all of your components don’t have to take up every inch of your space; hide the technology away in a well-organized rack in an unused closet. Stream content wirelessly or through hardwired connections to keep the fun going for hours.

Run multiple PS4s with full 1080p resolution while knocking out a few missions in The Division. Play games on one display and stream movies and sports on the other three units. It’s all possible with user-friendly, integrated controls on your tablet or dedicated control device.

Hidden Technology

Part of the beauty of a media room is its versatility, and an easy way to diversify the space is with hidden technology. When not in use, you can tuck the TVs and other components in furniture and behind pictures for a room that’s functional beyond your entertainment needs.

In addition to hiding components, motorized rollers can be integrated to block open spaces to add privacy. More than just a way to guard against excess sunlight, you can transform a room entirely with shades that drop down over counters, around the bar and in front of doors.

Plus, speakers and lighting can be integrated into the ceiling and walls, so you get full sound quality without having to clutter your room with devices.


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