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A Dive into Luma & Honeywell Home Security

A Dive into Luma & Honeywell Home Security

How these Solutions Improve Your Smart Security System

Smart home security is a top choice for every homeowner – and with good reason. Your top priority has always been your family’s safety, and to ensure that you feel safe and sound throughout the day and night while you’re at home, you need security systems and solutions that give you peace of mind.

In this blog, we show why Luma surveillance and Honeywell alarms give your whole property’s security a major boost. Check out these solutions’ features and how they can help you spend less time worrying about your home’s safety and more time with your loved ones.

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Snap AV’s Luma Surveillance

As one of Snap AV’s trusted brands, Luma aims for professional surveillance within your own home, without any compromising. As it brings together both analog and IP camera systems, your Luma system creates a surveillance setup with gear and equipment that is both robust and high-quality – and yet, has a simplicity about it that ensures zero hassle while in use. You can enjoy an easing of the mind without stressing over how to utilize your system.

Luma’s own interfaces make it a breeze to watch surveillance footage in real-time or to playback recorded video. With just a few taps of your finger, you can rewind, fast forward, cut out specific video clips, and take screenshots of any portion of your surveillance footage. Luma makes it easy, both on the actual Luma interface and on your handheld smartphone with the Luma app.

Luma’s video management system, the VMS, simplifies setting up and configuring your various cameras and recorders. And Luma doesn’t make it difficult to integrate with your existing smart home control systems, like Control4. Use Luma on these apps and touch panels to consolidate how many different interfaces you have on a daily basis.

Luma utilizes OvrC’s cloud-based dashboard to guarantee that your surveillance system runs perfectly throughout the day and all through the night. You can receive instant notifications and offsite maintenance and servicing – keeping your system up and running at all times without extra expenses and time spent.

Honeywell Smart System and Alarms

Honeywell offers an expansive suite of smart home security products and devices – ranging from surveillance cameras to smart wireless doorbells. Their home security systems from Resideo provide a seamless, efficient solution to achieve an always secured, well-protected home.

Resideo touchscreens and panels provide a stylish, non-obtrusive way to access your security system throughout the day without any stress or confusion. Honeywell aims to bring professional security features to your whole home with the effortlessness of just pushing a button – both in its wall keypads and app interfaces.

Door and window sensors, key fobs, and smart alarms work together to ensure your home is armed against intruders at all times. As these different components work together to secure your property, you won’t feel out of touch from your system. Complete control is in the palm of your hands, ensuring your home safety and protection never feels out of reach.

Want to find out more about Luma and Honeywell, and how both can elevate your home security? Give our team at Audio Dimensions a call or fill out our online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!

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