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7 Fun Ways to Use Your Home Lighting Automation

7 Fun Ways to Use Your Home Lighting Automation

SES Design Group Changes the Way You Think About the Lights in Your Space

We’ve spoken before about the benefits of smart home lighting automation, including increased energy efficiency through the use of photo sensors and the security benefits of landscape lighting. But all work and no play makes your home dull. Why leave all the fun and games to your audio and video components? Below are some great ideas on how to bring a spark to your Sugar Land, Texas home through your Lutron lighting control system.

1. Create the Perfect Date Night: Whether you want to set up a special night with your better half or bring someone new into the home, the right kind of lighting can make all the difference. With dimmers that give you precise control of the intensity of your fixtures, you can create a comfortable environment for the both of you.

2. Make it Easy to get a Midnight Snack: For all the joy a midnight snack can bring, it doesn't come without risk. Either you brave it in the dark or risk the family catching you red handed if you turn on the hallway and kitchen lights. With home lighting automation, you can install LED fixtures linked to motion sensors that illuminate the path to the kitchen. Program them to turn on at 20 percent –just bright enough to avoid any accidents without bothering the rest of the family.

3. Spice up the Home with Stimulating Lighting: Don't go static with your lighting design! Let your home fluctuate as the day goes by. Begin the day with a soft yellow theme in the kitchen and go for a more chic pink in the evening. When hosting a party, avoid a dip in energy. Create a pre-set scene with a fun LED light display you can access at any point to kick start the evening.

4. Let Your Home Reflect Your Mood: Bring the little ones into the fun by making Pixar's Inside Out a reality with themed scenes. Create some pre-set scenes which reflect specific moods: yellow for joy, green for hunger, red for anger, etc. Turn it into a game and a learning experience for your children on how they can best express their emotions.

5. Create Your Own Personalized Lighting: Another fun way to communicate within the family is to set up specific colors for family members. Let everyone 'paint' their way through the home by pulling up an app or using a touchpad to turn the lights in the room to their specific color. (WARNING: Don't forget to turn off your color when playing hide and seek).

6. Create the Perfect Entertainment Space: Bring an added versatility to your family room or media room. With the press of a button, transition from the bright LED displays you used while hosting friends to the dimmed lights needed to watch your favorite movie. Rather have a gaming marathon? Press your 'PS4' scene and the lights raise to create the best environment to play Star Wars Battlefront.

7. Create an amazing Holiday Display: Your home's lighting can be a great way to get into the holiday spirit. You can remotely turn on an additional candle in your outdoor Menorah every night or illuminate the living room with green and red lights on Christmas morning. One of the biggest pitfalls of having a big display is forgetting to turn it off every morning. Create a schedule for optimal results or get alerts on your phone if the display hasn't been turned off by a certain time.

Bring a breath of fresh air to your home with a lighting automation system. Contact SES Design Group today to find a solution primed to meet your needs and personality.

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