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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Landscape Lighting

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Landscape Lighting

SES Design Group Has the Solution to Enhance Your Woodlands Space

Infusing your dream home with the right landscape lighting not only brings added security, but it can also enhance the overall aesthetics and value of your space. A comprehensive design can make your home literally shine brighter than any other on the block while giving you added flexibility when using your outdoor space. Working with Lutron’s smart lighting solutions, SES Design Group’s custom installation experts can help you create a memorable outdoor atmosphere. 

Create a Cohesive Design

Each section of your outdoor space requires a different style of lighting. There’s safety features such as lighting along stairs and pathways to avoid falls and ornamental purposes like highlighting architectural features or creating the right mood for a party. A common mistake is to create isolated hubs that do not fit well together. We work with you from inception to ensure each section fits within a cohesive design bridging together beauty and functionality. From focused LED fixtures to hidden landscape lights, each component has been planned out to enhance your personal style.

Give Your Space Depth

One of the coolest features of landscape lighting is how it expands the reach of your property. With a combination of fixtures close to your home and further away, you can add depth to your landscape. It also allows you to turn outdoor spaces into functional extensions of your indoor space where your family can come together or friends can congregate, rather than simply being a decorative feature.

Spotlight Your Best Features

Every special detail you took the time to include in your outdoor space, from fountains to outdoor TVs, deserves its own spotlight. The right landscape lighting allows you to focus fixtures directly at architectural features, landscaping or technology you want to stand out. We partner with Coastal Source to provide you with many options when it comes to color and design, so your landscape lighting is primed to emphasize your personal style.

Bring Your Entertainment Outdoors

Add some versatility to your space when bringing your entertainment outdoors. Colored LED lights can add a warm atmosphere to your gathering while your favorite music plays from hidden speakers. Want to invite friends over to watch the game on Sunday? Softer landscape lighting can illuminate your outdoor media room without taking away from the images on your screen.

Get Smart with Your Lighting

Integrate with your smart home automation system to get the most out of your landscape lighting. Enhance security with sensors that turn lights on as the sun sets and trigger lights to immediately spot an intruder. You can also make your lights match your mood in an instant with a pre-set scene. Press the “BBQ” scene to play your favorite grilling playlist and turn on only the necessary lights in your pool and patio.

Whether you want to enhance your security or extend the reach of your space, contact SES Design Group for a custom landscape lighting solution built for the distinct needs of your Woodlands home.  

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