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5 Must-Have Lighting Control Scenes for Your Home

5 Must-Have Lighting Control Scenes for Your Home

Explore the Benefits of Managing Multiple Fixtures at Once

When people talk about the benefits of Lutron lighting control systems, they place a significant emphasis on centralized control. Instead of separate remotes or switches, everything can be managed from one device whether it's a dedicated touchpad or mobile app. One of the coolest aspects of centralized control is that you can create unique lighting scenes that activate multiple fixtures simultaneously. In this blog, we explain how these scenes work and point out some great applications for your Alpharetta, GA home.

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What Are Lighting Scenes?

With a lighting control system, you can manage multiple fixtures and shades simultaneously whether you want to dim them or turn them on and off. The cool thing about Lutron’s smart lighting solutions is that you can save your favorite settings, called a scene, and pull them up at the press of a button at a later time from a wall dimmer, table top dimmer, cell phone or any other mobile device – from your home or away. 

One of the things that make Lutron stand out is that they offer lamp modules you plug into your wall to incorporate your lamps into their lighting systems. Lamps are a great stylistic feature, but with five to 20 in a home, they're a hassle to manage. Instead, take advantage of these scenes to turn them all on or off at the same time. An added benefit is that these modules let you adjust the lighting level beyond the limited settings usually included on the lamps’ switches.

What Are Some Common Lighting Scenes?

 Lighting scenes are extremely useful whether you’re trying to enhance your home’s security, boost your holiday decorations, or simply conserve energy. Below we highlight some of our favorite scenes as well as some diverse ways to manage them:

  •   “Bump in the Night”: Hear something suspicious outside? Press a button called “Bump in the Night” that turns on all your outside lights and turns off inside ones. This way you get a clear view of what’s going on outside—and scare off intruders—while making it hard for anyone to look in.  
  • “Fire Evacuation”: Some scenes can be programmed to happen automatically after a particular trigger. If your security alarm or fire detectors go off, the lights in your house turn on to guide the way to the nearest exit.
  • “Sunrise/Sunset”: Lutron lighting systems use an astronomical clock to know when the sun will rise and set. It uses this to turn on outdoor lights at the appropriate time without having to rely on a standard timer that needs to be adjusted throughout the year.
  • “Celebration!” Many families forgo outdoor holiday decorations because they’re too hard to turn on and off every day. Instead, you can connect your light displays for Christmas, Halloween or Fourth of July to your system using lamp modules, then turn them on and off from one switch. 
  • “Movie Night”:  When you’re sitting with the family to enjoy a movie in your home theater or media room, press a “Movie Night” scene on your smart remote to dim the lights and close the shades to get better images on your screen. 

Want to take advantage of these scenes in your Georgia home? Contact Digital Interiors for a fully customized lighting control solution.

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