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5 Cutting-Edge Features in Luxury Smart Homes

5 Cutting-Edge Features in Luxury Smart Homes

At BRAVAS, we believe achieving the right balance of design and functionality takes planning and experience. A true luxury smart home requires more than a smartphone app or remote control. Read on to find out five of the features we are seeing included in the most advanced smart homes.

1. Automated Lighting and Shading

Automated lighting and shading systems create a brilliant space that appears to predict your needs before you are aware of them. A well-designed system, like Lutron Homeworks QS, allows your home to look its best every day. It is inviting when you arrive home in the evenings, stunning for parties, and helps you sleep soundly and wake refreshed. BRAVAS can program your home to automatically respond to external cues such as whether you are home or away, the time of day, and even the season of the year. Unlike light timers, BRAVAS systems are automatically updated, so they never need to be reprogrammed.

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2. Invisible Speakers and Hidden Televisions

Interior designers are often involved in luxury home projects, so a well-designed room is top-of-mind. Homeowners still want to enjoy entertainment like whole-house audio systems and televisions without distracting from the room's overall aesthetic. These homes have utilized hidden technology more than the average home as a result. Invisible speakers from Sonance add high-performance audio that respects the décor of a room, while TVs with concealment technology take care of the eyesore of a black screen. Check out the Samsung Frame, Blackdove, Media Décor, and Seura for some ingeniously disguised tv options.

3. One Seamless Control System

Managing smart home technology from dozens of apps on your phone is more frustrating than convenient. In a BRAVAS home, your entertainment, lights, shades, security systems, and all other home automation devices are controlled by a single interface. That means whether you are using your smartphone, iPad, touchscreen or remote control, the experience will be the same. BRAVAS will work with you to ensure a familiar look and feel for an easy-to-use experience every time.

4. A True Personalized Voice Assistant

Naturally communicating by voice is a fundamental part of the human experience.'s natural language comprehension offers an unmatched level of ease and sophistication to smart home control, with an uncompromising commitment to users’ privacy. Sophisticated voice control makes it incredibly simple to interact with the home using location and contextual awareness, giving users the ability to control lights, shades, thermostats, music, video, and more with conversational requests no matter where they are in the home.

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5. A Sustainable Micro-Grid

Clean and reliable power is a trend that is quickly gaining popularity. Many new luxury homes are being built on a dedicated microgrid with robust surge protection, uninterrupted power supplies, generators, and home batteries to safeguard electronics from interference. BRAVAS works with builders and architects to ensure that the right systems are in place so your home can run smoothly. Whether it is a storm, power outage or grid failure, you can take control of your home’s power.

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Are you thinking of integrating some of these smart home technologies into the design and construction of your home? Contact BRAVAS today to help you build a home designed to inspire and enhance your life.

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