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4 Ways Smart Technology Can Elevate Common Areas of Your MDUs

4 Ways Smart Technology Can Elevate Common Areas of Your MDUs

Attract Buyers With Amenities That Feature Smart Technologies

If you are a real estate developer for apartment buildings, condominiums, and other MDUs in the Philadelphia area, you are more than likely looking for ways to distinguish your properties from competitors. One of the best ways to do so is by elevating the common-area amenity spaces in your properties. At Hi-Fi Sales, we partner with local real estate developers to distinguish their properties through smart technologies and home automation installation services.

If you want to draw in prospective buyers here in the Philadelphia area, you need to demonstrate your community offers luxurious amenities and that there is a level of exclusivity to them, as well. In this blog, we will highlight four common areas of MDUs that can be enhanced by smart technology or home automation. Keep reading on below.



Grilling by the Pool 

During the summer months, you’ll find more and more residents wanting to spend time outside. Many will flock to the poolside area of your building, looking to cool off from the heat and to set up a get-together with family and friends, and other residents. 

By installing outdoor lighting to illuminate the pool area as the evening darkens, residents can safely and comfortably hang out well into the night. With a smart outdoor audio video solution, you can give your tenants access to control dedicated outdoor speakers and televisions throughout your outdoor common areas. With the ability for your residents to not only enjoy music or TV shows outside, but also to choose what to listen to or watch through securely wall-mounted touchscreen panels, they can feel value in knowing that their outdoor entertainment experience is customized to their preferences.

Working Out in the Gym 

Gyms are a popular area for residents of MDUs. Make it a space for everyone by providing top-notch automation and technology solutions throughout the area. 

For example, perhaps you feature a separate room for yoga or dance classes. Audio video distribution can allow for one-touch control that brings previously recorded training videos to multiple TVs in your separate room and the corresponding audio to the many speakers you might include in the area. 

Another way you can elevate your gym is through the lighting and shading your facility offers. For example, provide LED lighting with cool, white hues to inspire focus and energize guest. Complement those lights with motorized window treatments that automatically lower during hours of direct sunlight.  

Finally, one final way you can elevate your gym through smart technology is through upgrading your equipment, as well. Several smart gym equipment brands exist today that allow residents to customize their workout experience, even in a gym shared by dozens of other residents. 

Lounge Area

Perhaps you want to include a common-area lounge where residents can host parties, play games or watch the big Phillies or Eagles game on the TV. This is a communal space where a home automation installation would be perfect. 

Provide residents with the ability to customize the room to exactly how they’d like it – with options to manage the lighting, shading, temperature, music and TVs through securely placed in-wall touchscreen panels. 

With a home automation installation for a lounge area of your MDU, you can “wow” prospective buyers with a space that they would be proud to host gatherings in or simply hang out if they want to get away from their unit. 

Home Theater 

One final common area of your MDU that can be elevated through a home automation installation is a home theater.  

Provide residents the option to rent out a private cinema within your own building, perhaps equipped with some of the latest 4K projection equipment and Dolby Atmos surround sound. 

You can offer your residents a library of 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs that they can choose from, or you can allow them to use their own streaming service logins to watch content in your home theater. 

With an easy-to-maneuver touchscreen to manage every connected device in the theater, residents will be able to enjoy a truly customized home theater experience – setting your building apart from the rest. 

Want to learn more about the possibilities of adding technology to your MDU’s common areas?

Give the Hi-Fi Sales team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us today. We’d love to hear from you!

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