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4 Things to Consider When Designing an Outdoor Audio System

4 Things to Consider When Designing an Outdoor Audio System

With summer quickly approaching, you might be thinking about upgrading your home’s outdoor living spaces.  In our last two blogs, we discussed outdoor TVs and outdoor shades.  In this post, we’ll tackle outdoor audio and provide some tips as you plan your alfresco oasis.


What do you want out of your outdoor audio system?

Do you plan to watch TV and have movie nights outdoors?  Would you like music throughout your entire yard and landscape while you enjoy the pool?  Maybe a combination of both?  Knowing how you want to use your outdoor system is the first step in creating the perfect outdoor space that works for you and your family.  BRAVAS works with manufacturers like Coastal Source and Sonance, among many others, that have several options to choose from.  Whether they are invisibly hidden away in the garden or look like a sculptural masterpiece, we assure you they’ll sound amazing!


How much sound is enough?

Outdoor sound is different than indoor audio systems.  With no rooms or wall surfaces to contain the sound to a specific area, it’s important to not only have speakers mounted on the exterior of your home pointing outward.  (Depending on your situation, you may receive noise complaints from your neighbors). An evenly distributed speaker arrangement can help.  Every yard is different, and a BRAVAS representative can help you design a custom layout to fit your space and needs.


Connect your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Even sound coverage is a beautiful thing, especially when moving seamlessly from inside to the outdoors.  Correctly done, and you probably wouldn’t even notice.  It’s a natural effect.  Done incorrectly, however -- something will seem off.  A dip in the sound is very noticeable.  Contact an integrator like BRAVAS to plan appropriate sound coverage to avoid these issues. 


Tie it all together

If you already have a control interface our team of experts can add your new outdoor system to your homes existing control system.  Don’t have a control system?  We can help you choose the best option for you.  Contact us and we’ll be happy to walk you through.

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