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4 Reasons to Have High-Speed Internet in Your Outdoor Spaces

4 Reasons to Have High-Speed Internet in Your Outdoor Spaces

Staying connected has never been as easy as it is today. High-speed internet isn’t just at coffee shops and libraries anymore; it has become ubiquitous. Nearly every fast-food restaurant, grocery store, nail salon, and car dealership allows you to connect while you are there. If our expectations are so high for having connectivity when we are away from home, why do we settle for less convenience in our own yards? 

Below are four reasons your wireless network should cover your entire property and not just your interior spaces.

1. Roaming Your Home

As great as wireless technology is, our devices can still struggle when switching from one network to another and when near the edges of our network coverage. Due to both distance and the construction of our homes, wireless signals don’t travel well from indoors to outdoors. Our technology should work well wherever we are, so we use outdoor access points to share our home’s Wi-Fi with your outdoor spaces. We have outdoor access points that are Wi-Fi 6, so whatever speeds you have indoors, we can match outside. If you want to take your tablet by the pool for a FaceTime call you can, without worrying about buffering or losing the call. 

2. Controlling the Chaos

Hopefully, your smart home is truly smart, but if you have a collection of “smart” devices, you may need the ability to control them from a number of apps, even outdoors. Smart pool controllers, sprinklers, landscape lights, streaming music devices, and more. Without a strong network, you may struggle to use these smart features from outside your home. I have watched numerous clients struggle to control their pool’s settings while in the pool, only to send someone inside to connect to the pool’s app. We can do better, and BRAVAS can help with a stronger network (and probably smarter devices as well.)

3. Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor video options are incredible now, from affordable waterproof TVs to larger-than-life direct-view LED displays. With an outdoor TV, you will most likely either have a streaming device outdoors or need to control one that is inside the home. Either way, a strong Wi-Fi network will be needed to provide a great experience. At BRAVAS, we want you to use your outdoor spaces exactly how you want, without being limited by technology…including your Wi-Fi.

4. The Great Escape

Sometimes, you just need a moment away, and a backyard can make an incredible escape. So, grab your phone and stream some tunes, catch up on the news, or phone a friend. If your relaxation time is made better with technology, our outdoor wireless networks can help.

If your network could use an update, your local BRAVAS office would love to help. We can update the wireless network inside and outside your home for a seamless experience anywhere on your property. Give us a call today, and connect to a better way to live.

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