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4 differences between an

4 differences between an "A/V guy" and a Custom Integrator

“Do you have an A/V guy?”

This question probably leads to the majority of our referral business, but there is one funny thing about that question. Audio and Video aren’t the only things we do; in fact, A/V isn’t even the majority of our business as a company. Today a more accurate term for the A/V guy is Custom Integrator. Our specialty has evolved from TVs and speakers into coordinating all of the technology that occupies our homes. Read on to learn four surprising things an “A/V company” like BRAVAS can do.

1. The Network

Maybe the most important technology system in any home is now the home network. Whether it is wired or Wi-Fi, a custom integrator should be able to build you a reliable and robust network, ready to support your family's streaming, gaming, and professional needs. To build a solid network, your integrator should be involved in the design of the home, engineering wiring paths, and placements, so your network is ready not just for today, but for the lifetime of your home.

2. Smart Shades

Project by: BRAVAS Boca Raton

Many traditional A/V companies are still uncomfortable dealing with shades, but for a modern company like BRAVAS, motorized shades are one of the best products we can provide for our clients. While we may not be interior design experts, we work with them every day, and we have relationships we can lean on to get the design right. Our job is to ensure that your shades provide the correct amount of light, privacy, and security with as little input from the homeowner as possible. In an ideal world, you never actually interact with your shades; they simply predict your needs and work on their own.

3. Landscape Lighting


Project by: BRAVAS Boca Raton

You may not have known this, but landscape lighting systems work much like speaker systems, except they utilize low voltage to power lights instead of speakers. Because of our expertise in low voltage systems and working closely with our customers as their homes are completed, landscape lighting was a natural progression. Landscape lighting systems also closely mirror landscape audio systems, like Sonance SLS or Coastal Source, so we can often install both systems simultaneously, saving money and limiting the time required for installation.

4. Acoustic Treatments and Noise Abatement


Photo Provided by: Artnovion

It probably isn’t that surprising that an A/V company might use acoustic treatments to improve the sound in a theater, but we are actually experts in treating other areas of the home as well. We consistently partner with contractors and homeowners to reduce the noise in rooms, or to keep sound from carrying from one space into another. Modern homes tend to include large spaces built with hard finishes like glass, metal, and wood. Making those spaces sound pleasant is vital to the comfort of those who live there, but most people simply deal with far too noisy homes. By helping homeowners enjoy the most used spaces in their homes, we can help them live better every day. Check out our recent podcast about Acoustics here

If you are looking to make ANY change to your home, or are considering building a new home, let BRAVAS help you design a better place to live, work, and play.

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