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4 Big Benefits of Home Lighting Control

4 Big Benefits of Home Lighting Control

Get the Most out of Home Automation With Smart Lighting

Lights go on, lights go off. It seems pretty simple doesn’t it? But if you’re in the market to upgrade your Philadelphia property with smart technology, you don’t want to forget about home lighting control. Why? Every home needs lights, but a smart home’s lighting can do far more than simply turn on and off. Need more convincing? We’ve put together this blog that gives you four great reasons to invest in smart lighting. Read on to learn more.

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Add Style to Your Spaces

Sometimes, all a room needs in order to come together is the right lighting. In years past, this meant choosing the most stylish fixtures and placing them strategically around the space for maximum effect. But what if you didn’t have to see each of your lighting fixtures? What if you could create beautiful backlighting effects, subtle under-lighting and specific highlighted areas? And what if all of these areas could be controlled with a single, intuitive interface?

Smart lighting does exactly that; it allows you to set the scene with the perfect lighting. From visible lamps to recessed fixtures in the walls and ceiling, the lighting can be more diverse than ever before. Emphasize your favorite aspects of each room with convenient dimmers and zone-specific controls. If you love a lighting arrangement but want to change it occasionally, you can save it as a scene, which will allow you to return to it with one touch.

Stay Safe With Motion Sensors

Smart lighting isn’t just pretty to look at, though. It can also keep you safe. Motion sensors make navigating your home in the middle of the night more convenient and they simplify energy savings. If you need to get around but can’t find the light switch, dimmer or smart device you use to control the system, the motion sensors will trigger the lighting to come on when they notice movement. Conversely, if no movement is detected, they can prompt the lights to turn off. And you don’t have to worry about pets accidentally turning on the lights thanks to strategic placement that won’t catch movement below a certain height.

Supplement Your Security System

Automated lighting can also be tied into your security and surveillance system to light up areas inside and outside of your home. Motion sensors are a great way to trigger floodlights outside, and your surveillance camera can be programmed to turn toward the light, resulting in brightly-lit footage of any movement detected in your yard.

A System That Learns

Of course, smart technology is about more than just fancy control devices and motion sensors. Your smart lighting can get to know your habits so you won’t even have to think about turning the lights on and off when you’re ready to use them.

If you have your lights set to turn on when you get home from the office at 6:00 p.m., but suddenly start coming home at 4:00 p.m. on Thursdays, there’s no need to re-program your system. After a few evenings, your system will realize that you’re coming home early, and will react accordingly. If you have it set to turn off promptly at bedtime, but stay up late in your media room on Saturday nights, your system will learn your habits for total convenience.

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