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4 Awesome Features Of A Lutron Lighting Control System

4 Awesome Features Of A Lutron Lighting Control System

Make the Most of Your Home’s Lighting With Lutron Technology

When it comes to intuitive lighting control systems that enrich your home’s appearance, it doesn’t get much better than the technology offered by Lutron, an industry leader and one of Smart Systems’ trusted brand partners. They’re constantly finding new ways to give homeowners more control over the lighting configurations in their houses with systems that are simple to use and immersive.

In this blog, we look at some of the greatest features of Lutron smart lighting that you can take advantage of in your Southlake or Metroplex home. Keep reading to find out more.


Customizable Keypads

Lutron has a reputation for creating technology that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is easy to use, and their customizable keypads allow you to craft the perfect control interface for your home’s design. Not only can you control your lighting system from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet, but you also can update the existing light switches in your house to Lutron’s RF-enabled switches, dimmers and keypads.

Faceplates and buttons can be altered to match your décor, with a variety of finishes and styles available. And if you want to install a third-party device next to your keypad, they can add an opening that will unite both components in a seamless shared faceplate. Lutron also offers custom bases for tabletop controls and custom remotes if you want mobile control.

Personalized Scenes

Different occasions call for different lighting configurations, and with a Lutron smart lighting system, all it takes is the push of a button to change the ambiance of your home dramatically. Program scenes that turn on different lights and adjust brightness so that you always have the ideal atmosphere, whether you're cooking in the kitchen, eating in the dining room, or watching a movie in the living room. You can manually activate these scenes through your smartphone or custom-programmed keypads, set them on a schedule, or have them tied to the geofencing feature we delve into below.


Do you tend to leave the lights on when you rush out the door for work? Now you can have them automatically turn off once you leave your property. Geofencing allows you to automatically trigger an action based on entering or exiting a geographic circle with a minimum radius of 1000 feet and a maximum radius of 10,000 feet. You set your home location and the size of the radius on the Lutron Connect app, and upon arriving or leaving that radius, your Lutron lighting control system activates a specific scene. You also have the option of receiving an alert before activation if you want an extra level of control.

Smart Away

Are you concerned about the security of your home while you and your family are away for extended periods? Houses that are dark for extended amount of time are potential targets for criminals, which is why Lutron has a Smart Away setting that randomly activates lights and motorized shades during the evening to create the illusion of occupancy. You can manually activate this setting from your Lutron Connect app, schedule it to turn on automatically at different times, or connect it to your geofencing settings so that your home is in Smart Away mode once you leave the designated radius.

Want to learn more about what a Lutron lighting control system can do for your Texas home, whether in Southlake or beyond?

Reach out to one of our Lutron installation experts by calling (972) 488-5100, contacting us here, or sending a message in the live chat window at the bottom of your screen.


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