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3 Ways to Ensure your Home is Safe and Sound

3 Ways to Ensure your Home is Safe and Sound

Rest Assured Your House is Protected with these Security Features

Your family’s security is a top priority.  Every convenience and comfort a smart home can give you is incomparable to the peace of mind you gain when you know your house is protected and secure.  A standard security system just doesn’t cut it these days.  But smart home security uses integrated technology to make sure your Dallas, TX home is kept safe at all times.  Read on to learn about the automated features that can alleviate your worries.


Surveillance Cameras

Whether you’re gone for a few days or even just to run errands for a couple of hours, leaving your home empty and unwatched can be unnerving.  Your average surveillance cameras might capture suspicious activity in your home, but it probably doesn’t do it in real time.

The better approach is to opt for smart surveillance cameras that stream high-resolution video that is accessible whenever you want, right from your smartphone or tablet.

By combining with motion sensors or other security features, you could even have the system automatically alert you if it senses something suspicious. Then, you can immediately pull up the live video feeds to see for yourself.

Locks and Doorbells

If you’re running out the door for work, forgetting to set the locks is a common mistake.  It gives easy access to any burglars in town.  Now, you can install automated door locks that allow you to operate them from your smartphone once you’re out of the house.  Check from your phone if you left the front door unlocked, and with one push of a button, ensure that your home is entirely protected. 

You can also have indoor locks put into place so that individual rooms are also looked after.  Smart doorbells are handy as well – they allow you to monitor who arrives, whether it’s your dinner guests or an awaited package from the mailman.  Then, use the automated locks to open up the doors.  The power is in your hands.

Controlled Lighting

An unoccupied home looks like gold to a robber.  To make your house appear lived-in, you can install automated lights and shades.  Then, set your lighting to turn on at normal hours during the day, imitating when residents turn on their lights or interact in their home throughout the day.  Setting your shades to lower at certain times can also help with this impression.  Make the lights to turn on as soon as the sun goes down, or control from your phone as your miles and miles away.  We set all of this up so that all you have to do is select the “Vacation” option as you leave your home. Then any would-be burglars will think twice before targeting your home. Keep the worrying to a minimum, and relax knowing that your house is protected.

Keep yourself and those you care about safe.  Learn more about installing a smart home security system by contacting us at (972) 488-5100 or online through our contact page.

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