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3 Ways Smart Home Automation Improves Your Daily Life

3 Ways Smart Home Automation Improves Your Daily Life

SES Design Group Changes the Way You Interact With Your Technology

The right smart home automation system is like another family member. It's a personal helper that guides you through your day. One that won’t avoid doing chores or take a sick day at the most inconvenient times. From the moment you wake up, your system is designed to aid you with your daily activities. Whether it’s bringing the family together or keeping your home safe, check out what smart technology can do for your Sugar Land, Texas home.

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Wake Up More Refreshed

Your mood for the whole day could be decided within minutes of waking up. If you don't wake up refreshed, you’ll carry that grogginess with you the rest of the day. You’ll be surprised to find you’re probably doing your morning routine all wrong. One of the reasons that people wake up groggy from a night’s sleep is not because they didn’t sleep enough, but because they were jarred awake by a loud alarm.

This is where a smart home automation system can help. Pull up a scene that creates the perfect morning atmosphere to smoothly transition out of sleep. The shades and temperature rise as music starts softly playing. If you’re the type that needs extra encouragement, have the music’s volume increase gradually until you’re up.

Monitor Your Home When Away

Even when we give ourselves an extra bit of time, it seems that mornings always end up a little hectic. Between getting yourself prepared and prepping the rest of the family, some things are bound to fall through the cracks. Sometimes it’s something small like forgetting to floss; sometimes it’s something major like forgetting to set your alarm or lock a door.

There are multiple ways your smart home automation system can prevent any mishaps. An ‘Away’ scene locks all doors, turns off the lights and arms your security. If this is not enough to give you peace of mind, you can monitor your home remotely. Use the Control4 or Savant App on your smartphone to make sure the garage door is closed and the thermostat is at the right temperature.

Prepare the Perfect Family Night

Whether you spent the day at work or school, the evening is time to unwind. Your smart home automation system isn't just for chores; it can also help with fun and games. By centralizing control of your technology, it's easy to access your favorite movies, music and TV shows on intuitive libraries. From your phone, pull up your media library and search by title, genre or artist. Then press a “Cinema” scene to dim the lights and close the shades.

Sometimes, you want to unwind on your own. Savant Systems lets you create personalized profiles, so everyone has quick access to their entertainment of choice. We design specific speaker layouts and room acoustics so rooms do not interfere with each other. If you want to play jazz in your listening room, it won’t interfere with your kids watching their favorite shows in the adjacent room.

Need a helping hand for your Sugar Land home? Contact SES Design Group for a custom smart control solution!

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