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3 Ways Lighting Control Improves Your Daily Routine

3 Ways Lighting Control Improves Your Daily Routine

Make chores simpler and save time while enjoying better sleep

It’s fairly remarkable how technology in our lives is designed to lower our stress levels but instead does the exact opposite sometimes. As an example, smartphones have transformed nearly every aspect of how we live, work, communicate and have fun, but at the cost of constantly feeling tethered to them and an having to consume an almost overwhelming amount of information 24/7.

Thankfully, there’s one piece of technology to install in your home that is highly unlikely to cause you additional stress: Lighting control. Once you’ve got everything in place, a lighting control system for your Little Rock home can help you enjoy better rest, get more work done and make many of your everyday chores much simpler. How? Keep reading to find out!

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Alarm clocks are a necessary evil for most of us, even if hearing that wake-up sound in the morning often leads to pained, sleepy groans. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy a more soothing start to your day?

Installing a lighting control system can help make that happen. Instead of waking up to a harsh noise in a pitch-dark room, your lighting control system gradually increases the intensity and color of the light in your room, simulating the rising sun while your windows and shades stay closed for privacy and comfort.

At night, lighting control can also help you fall asleep more quickly and easily. As the room slowly darkens around you (perhaps while you enjoy your favorite music on a whole-home audio system), you can ease into your dreams more gradually and restfully than if you simply go from total brightness to total darkness.


When you control every light fixture in your house from your smartphone, it is much easier to make sure all the lights are off at the end of the day and you’re not wasting money.

In fact, you may not need to touch a switch to make sure your lights are off at the end of the day. By creating a series of schedules and presets, you can create custom lighting patterns in nearly any configuration and most of your common household situations.

All your lights can be set to turn off after a certain point at night, or you can employ occupancy sensors that will automatically shut off any lights when nobody is in a room. If you’re heading out on vacation, you can have the lights come on randomly at different times and in different rooms, giving the impression somebody’s still at home and deterring potential thieves.


Many of the health and stress-relief benefits are related to one common factor: Your body’s circadian rhythm, or internal clock. Your circadian rhythm is the pattern of your body’s natural sleep cycle and energy levels, and it is easily affected by external factors like sunlight. If your circadian rhythm is off, you’ll likely have less energy during the day, you won’t be able to focus as well and you may have trouble getting your necessary rest at night.

While we’ve touched on how lighting control helps you sleep better, these devices can give you a midday productivity boost using those same circadian rhythm principles. Tuning your fixtures to a cooler, more intense light level around lunch time will simulate the effects of being outside on a sunny day, which will increase your energy levels.

If you want to know more about lighting control or any of the other automation services we offer at Audio Dimensions, check out our interactive smart home demo. To inquire about setting up these devices in your Little Rock home, call our office at (501) 223-1115, fill out our online contact form, or click on the chat box in the lower-right corner of your screen.

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