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3 Unique Ways to Control Your Home Using Savant Systems

3 Unique Ways to Control Your Home Using Savant Systems

SES Design Group Offers a Customized Solution to Meet Your Needs

Often when people discuss the benefits of a smart home, they talk about improving efficiency. Everything becomes simpler in a home where subsystems communicate effectively. But this is a home we're talking about, not a business. Savant Systems ensures your technology also comes with a sense of comfort and warmth. The company does this by offering multiple ways to access your smart automation features, so it's easy to find one that works best for you. Read on to see how SES Design Group works with Savant Systems to create a solution customized to meet the needs of your family and the aesthetics of your Woodlands, Texas home.

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1. Navigate an Intuitive Menu on Your Smartphone, Tablet or Touchpad

The preferred mode of control for most of our clients is the graphical user interface on their choice of smart device. Some families prefer the elegance that comes with a designer touchpad flush mounted on the wall. Others like everything centered in one place. For them, an app on their smartphone is the method that comes most natural.

For all these devices, Savant Systems offers a graphic-centric, intuitive interface that makes it easy to access all your smart home automation features. You simply have to choose a room then what you want to control whether it’s lights, entertainment, climate or shades. You can make changes to a particular room even if you’re on the other side of the house or on vacation across the country.

2. Streamline Control With the New Savant Remote

There’s also something comforting about sticking with the good old traditional remote. You can do that without having to suffer through antiquated control. In October 2015, Savant Systems unveiled their latest product: a revamped smart remote.

The first iteration of the remote provides you easy access to your home audio video –compatible with over 380,000 entertainment devices—and your lights within one room. In 2016, the company will release its new remote and smart hub for its Savant Pro clients with the Pro Remote. It will offer control over a full range of automation features throughout the home. Both remotes include voice command options to call up a service, channel or a scene.

3. Create Personalized Profiles for Easy Access to Your Favorite Features

One of the ways Savant continues to stand out is its commitment to creating a personalized experience for the user. Whether you’re using the Savant Remote or Savant Pro App, you can create individual profiles with customized settings. What do these profiles entail? Each member of the family will have easy access to their favorite scenes and the main menu will feature the systems they use most often.

There are other practical benefits of personalized profiles. You can grant limited access. For example, create a guest profile for the touchpad in your guestroom. It gives family and friends access to entertainment, climate and lights but not to your home security system. For your children, you can limit the entertainment they can enjoy to make sure they’re not watching movies or TV shows that aren’t age-appropriate.

Make sure your home not only runs efficiently but just the way you like it. Contact SES Design Group to get a customized Savant Systems solution.

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