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3 Smart Features Your Next Home Should Have

3 Smart Features Your Next Home Should Have

Every project BRAVAS does is designed to be Reliable, Intuitive and Attractive, it is the standard we use to create systems our clients love having in their homes. But often times it is the small things that truly stand out to homeowners after they have spent some time living with their systems. Below are three of those smart features that we think you will love.

Bedside Keypads

Most of us have a lamp on our nightstand for evening light and reading, but how many of us can control the entire home without getting out of bed or picking up our phone? For our clients that allow us to design their lighting control systems, that is a common occurrence. Tabletop keypads are convenient and powerful tools, but whenever possible we will install keypads in the wall next to the bed, for a clean look and powerful functionality. That one keypad might give a client the ability to turn off the lights in the entire house when they go to bed, light the path to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and even arm their security system or light the house up if they hear a bump in the night.


A REALLY Smart Thermostat

I admit it, I despise thermostats. They are almost universally ugly and either impossible to program or too smart for their own good. As a rule, I prefer thermostats hidden away, with nearly invisible temperature sensors in their place. The exception to that rule might be the Savant Multistat. Savant’s smart thermostat is attractive, easy-to-use, and has one great trick up it’s sleeve. The Multistat can be used to initiate scenes. Scenes are pre-programmed commands allowing you to control dozens of devices at the touch of a single button. A thermostat that gives you one-touch control of your whole home…now that is smart.

Kitchen Voice Assistant 

Having a Google or Amazon voice assistant in your kitchen isn’t that unique of an idea, but it can be very useful. Even more useful, is a voice assistant in your kitchen that can control your entire home. Want to listen to music or turn on the TV while your hands are dirty? Just ask Josh to do it. Need to close the shades to block out glare from the sun? Josh can do that too. Maybe you want to see the cameras on your front drive so you will know when your guests arrive? Yep, Josh can help. While voice assistants may seem like really fun toys, a system programmed by BRAVAS can be a truly powerful way of interacting with your smart home. With your privacy is also protected, and we can even incorporate the device into a Lutron keypad, so you don’t need a physical device sitting on your beautiful countertops.

If you want to find ways to make your new or existing home a better place to spend time, please reach out to BRAVAS today. We would love to help make your home into the home of your dreams.

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