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3 Reasons You Need Motorized Shades

3 Reasons You Need Motorized Shades

Two of the three parts of this sentence may be true, and one is probably not: motorized shades are more expensive, and closing manual shades only takes a few seconds, which you will do yourself.

Did you get it right?

Yes, motorized shades are more expensive (they have motors), and it only takes a few seconds to open or close a manual shade. They were the true things. The untrue part is the 'you will do it yourself' bit. Of course, you intend to, and you may even plan to, but on a busy day, you go blind to those shades because manual shades are a pain to use and take too long to change. That is why it has been reported that 70% of the time, owners never change a manual shade. You bought this lovely home with a great view, and you never get to see it.

Here are three reasons why you may want to take the plunge and spend the extra on automated shades.

  1. You get to enjoy the view and your privacy

While reducing light for sleep may be a significant reason for shades, no one likes anyone peering in their windows or doors, so one of the reasons you might want shades closed is your privacy. This is, of course, particularly true in bedrooms and bathrooms but can be true where you have large sliding or transparent doors. But the chances are, what's outside those windows and doors? Your view is one of the reasons you bought or built the home you did.

When you control automated shades at a press of a button; you can see what's outside quickly and easily. More importantly, as part of a home automation system, your shades can be raised or lowered by programs based on external events like sunrise and sunset. You can also create 'scenes' that help integrate your shades with your light for movie night or just because it's party time.

  1. Protect your home contents

Another benefit of having your shades down is to protect your furniture, floor, and art from the sun and UV damage. UV or Ultraviolet rays can fade vivid or bright colors and can damage wooden furniture. UV rays can also drain the color from your artwork, depending on the art's position or covering.

The ability to raise and lower your motorized blinds with the sun's movements is a great way to enjoy the natural light at the right time in your home while protecting your valuables.

  1. Save Energy

When you synchronize the opening and closing of your shades with sunlight, you can also save money on your energy bills. Some people even report that the drop is very noticeable and temperature changes almost immediately. This not only makes the room feel better but can impact both your air conditioner and heating bills.

The key to all these benefits is not just motorized shades but automation as well. Using a whole home automation platform allows your shades, lights, climate control, and other systems in your home to work together. This makes your home not just more comfortable to live in but healthier too.

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