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3 Reasons Why You Should Pre-Wire Your New Construction for the Technology of the Future

3 Reasons Why You Should Pre-Wire Your New Construction for the Technology of the Future

South Florida Integration Firm is Your Solution for Protecting and Augmenting Your Investment

Building a custom home is a great accomplishment and a significant investment. The construction phase of your new home is the best time to plan for the role technology will play in your residence now and in the future.

Spectrum Technology Integrators are licensed, low-voltage technicians that can prepare your home’s infrastructure for today and tomorrow’s smart home technology, audio and video entertainment systems, and monitoring systems.

The team at Spectrum Technology Integrators wants to help ensure your home is prepared for anything, from the newest in Ultra HD technology to inclement South Florida weather. Having the proper infrastructure in your new home will make it easy to upgrade to whatever the future may hold.

Integrated Security Systems

Today’s enhanced security systems are more than just door locks. Pre-wiring your new home allows you to take advantage of the latest in integrated security features even before those systems are installed. Integrated security systems combine alarms with automated shades, lighting control, and other services to keep your home secure. Auto-away features make your home appear occupied to people passing by, with lights and shades operating automatically and preventing theft, break-ins, and vandalism. Systems are also accessible from smartphones and tablets to arm and disarm home security from anywhere in the world.

Remote Monitoring

A number of things can happen to your home while you are on vacation or even just away from your home for the day. Remote monitoring is designed to alert you, while either at home or while you’re away, of the various potential problems that can occur at your primary residence or vacation home. Monitoring water leaks can prevent costly damage caused by leaking pipes, malfunctioning AC units, ice makers, or hot water heaters. While high temperature alarms help prevent mold growth as well as protect pets and elderly relatives from becoming victim to the sweltering heat if an AC unit fails.

Indoor and Outdoor Entertainment

Your new home should be a central gathering point, a mecca of entertainment for family friends. A comprehensive, pre-wire solution prepares your home for the possibilities of home electronics. What kind of systems benefit from a new construction pre wire?

- Music from invisible speakers flowing freely throughout your home
- High Quality Ultra HD Video and Sound in Every Room
- Outdoor televisions and speakers for bringing the party outside
- Central control systems to turn it all on (or off) with one touch

Emerging technologies in smart home automation and remote monitoring help you protect your new construction as well as make your life more comfortable and convenient. Whether you’re in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Deerfield Beach, Spectrum offers a future-proof pre-wire package that makes your home ready for anything. Pre-wiring your home is a cost effective and easy way to plan in advance your future technology needs.

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