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3 Reasons These Belong in Every Home

3 Reasons These Belong in Every Home

When it comes to seeing technology in our homes, less is typically more, and no combination of home technology products does more with less than the combination of a Samsung Frame TV and Sonance Invisible Speakers.  There are a number of great reasons to use this pair for your living room, family room or primary bedroom TV solution, and we have included a few below.

1. Improved Sound

TV Speakers are, in a word, terrible. They do little more than pump barely intelligible noise into your home. Sonance Invisible Speakers on the other hand, provide an incredibly rich sound that can fill your room AND maintains crystal clear dialogue even at lower levels. Adding an invisible subwoofer give you an incredibly full sounds that will make any room in your home a good alternative to going to the theater. (If you really want the theater experience at home, consider Kaleidescape for a huge range of hi-res movies.)

2. Discreet Design

While the Samsung Frame TV gives you a great picture with minimal impact on your design, the Sonance Invisibles give you great sound with ZERO impact. Because they are invisible you have more options for where to place them, so they will work in almost any room.

Above: Samsung Frame TV installed by BRAVAS Houston | Design by: Emily June Designs

3. Enhanced Soundstage

Because you don’t have to worry about the look of invisible speakers companies like BRAVAS can focus on getting the speakers where they belong. Believe it or not the location of speakers is very important to the surround sound experience, and with invisible speakers it is much easier for us to get them where they belong in rooms like your family room, allowing you to have that theater experience in whatever room you choose to enjoy the most.

If you think a Samsung Frame TV and a set of Sonance Invisible Speakers might be a good fit for your home, BRAVAS would love to help. Please contact us today so we can help make your home a better place to live work and play.

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