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3 Places You Need Motorized Shades

3 Places You Need Motorized Shades

In the home of my dreams, every single window is filled with an automated shade, but for many people (myself included), that may not be practical. While motorized shades add convenience to any window, there are certain places where their impact is more significant than others, and a few of those are listed below.

1. Out of Reach Windows

This one may seem obvious, but there are simply some homes with windows out of reach. In a well-designed space, those windows may be protected by an overhang, but in many homes, they are simply unprotected from direct sun. These windows are ideal candidates for motorized shades, as the shades can be programmed to maximize light when indirect but filter it when direct light is present.

2. East/West Facing Windows

Some windows, like those that face North, rarely need to be adjusted to deal specifically with light. Those that face East and West are typically the opposite, and could be adjusted multiple times a day to prevent glare and deal with harsh sunlight. In most homes, window coverings are adjusted to the least lousy setting and simply left there most days. With smart shades we can program them to deal with glare, heat and privacy automatically, allowing you to enjoy natural light with no effort. If your home has a lighting control system, we can program that to work in concert with the window coverings, providing perfect light all the time.


Project by: BRAVAS Colorado / Photo by Jess Blackwell Photography

3. Home Office

Natural light is one of the keys to maximizing productivity. Our bodies are designed to take cues from the sun, so the more natural light we experience, the more awake we will be during the day and the better we will sleep at night. Maximizing access to natural light when working from home while filtering out harsh glare or heat can help us be the most productive version of ourselves. With Lutron Palladiom Wireless shades, you can retrofit the most stylish Lutron shade into your office without running wires or involving a contractor.

There are dozens of other places in our homes that would benefit from shades. If you are interested in the three above or any of the countless others, please don't hesitate to reach out to BRAVAS Philadelphia.

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