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3 Good Reasons to Upgrade Your Window Treatments

3 Good Reasons to Upgrade Your Window Treatments

Motorized Blinds and Shades Offer a Lot of Benefits for Texas Homeowners

Before taking the leap toward motorized shades, it’s common to do some research into the ways smart shades will improve on their manual version. First things first: you don’t need to justify adding motorized shades to your smart home automation system. Treat yourself! But if you want to make sure that upgrading to motorized blinds and shades is a good idea for your University Park or other Dallas area home, we’re here to set your mind at ease. Keep reading to learn how making your shades smarter can enhance your property and lifestyle.

1. Energy/Temperature Management

One of the main things that draws Texas homeowners to motorized blinds and shades is their ability to automatically keep your home cool. When the afternoon sun starts blazing, it can essentially bake your home through the glass windows. Fortunately, window shades help to block the sun’s rays so that the heat stays outside. But unless you’re in the room to notice the temperature rising near the window and close the blinds or shades, your AC bill is going to be quite high.

Here’s how upgrading to smart shades help: sensors located in each room identify the exact moment that the sunlight is starting to get too heavy handed. The sensors then immediately cause the motorized blinds or shades to lower, which stops the temperature rising before your HVAC has to kick in. It works completely in the background to keep your energy bill low and your home cool.


2. The Right Lighting for Every Occasion

Often, window treatments are just a static part of the room. You don’t really bother to open or close them unless you want a drastic change in lighting levels, such as drawing the shades closed at night. As a result, you miss out of a lot of opportunities to use natural light to your advantage.

Instead of just turning on the artificial lights in the room, you could give yourself a Vitamin D boost and fill your room with cheerful sunlight. Instead of tolerating the slight glare of sun on the TV screen, you could have the perfect environment for movie-watching. Instead of having to get out of bed each morning and fumble for the light switch across the room, you could be greeted by the soft glow of morning sunlight.

The perfect levels of sunlight are possible through smart home automation scenes. You simply choose the ideal settings for any given activity or time (e.g. a “Movie” scene or a “Good Morning” scene), and then choose when you want that scene to start. The automated system will do the rest.

3. Better Home Security?

Window treatments probably aren’t the first thing to pop into your head when someone mentions home security, but there’s a neat feature of motorized blinds and shades that you can use to keep your home safe. If you don’t want to upgrade to a full security and surveillance system, you could still deter burglars by making the would-be criminals believe your home is occupied at all times.

It’s a standard practice for burglars to stake out a property before attempting to break in. Usually, these thieves target homeowners who are away on vacation, leaving their homes unattended. The thieves will watch for signs that someone is home, and if the property is empty, they’ll move in.

Your motorized shades can give the impression that someone is inside, opening and closing the curtains or blinds occasionally throughout the day. You can even include your home lighting control system so that the lights turn on and off in each room, following the patterns of regular human usage. The burglars will move on to houses that they know are unoccupied.

Want to know more about ways to put your smart window shades to use? Give us a call or click the live chat window at the bottom of the screen!


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