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3 Expert Tips to Improve Your Smart Home's Interior Design

3 Expert Tips to Improve Your Smart Home's Interior Design

Explore These Smart Solutions For Design-Conscious Homeowners

Design-conscious homeowners know just how much of a headache technology can cause.

After all, a lifeless 4K TV screen can still distract eyes from your room’s stunning architectural features, and protruding wall-mounted smart light switches can also interrupt a space’s flow.

If you love the benefits of smart technology but are frustrated sometimes at how it detracts from your Metro Atlanta house’s interior design, a smart home design upgrade can help.

In this blog, we’ll explore three of the ways that you can improve your smart home’s interior design. Just keep reading below to find out more.

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1) Upgrade Your Wall Plates

Every homeowner has plates mounted to their walls – from ones for light switches to electrical plugs and more. If you own a smart home system, that list also might include bulky keypads and wall mounts for touchscreen panels.

You might have previously settled for a standard plate that protrudes from the wall and doesn’t match the surrounding color scheme. But you have several other options available to you – including ones that are more interior design-friendly.

TRUFIG, for example, offers innovative technology-mount solutions that sit flush with the surrounding wall surface.

It will require a professional to go into the wall itself, but you can enjoy electrical plugs, light switches, dimmers, keypads, touchscreen panels and more all flush-mounted throughout your house. Additionally, TRUFIG wall plates can be painted to match your surrounding wall color so that they seamlessly blend in with your interior design.

If upgrading to flush-mounted wall plates isn’t an option for your smart home, you also can choose from a variety of innovative finishes for your wall-mounted devices.

Our partners at Lutron, for example, offer a variety of matte, metal and glass finishes for their on-wall light dimmers, switches and keypads. Our team of smart home design experts also can help provide interior design-friendly solutions for wall-mounted Control4, Savant and Crestron devices as well.

2) Consider Centralizing A/V Equipment

In a typical home, you might have a variety of boxes and remotes scattered throughout your house – including ones for cable boxes, media-streaming devices, A/V receivers, Blu-ray players and more.

Not only is it a hassle to always keep track of the correct remote, but it can be an interior design drawback, too – after all, who wants to be staring at exposed wires, black boxes or loose remotes all day?

With a centralized A/V solution, you can store all of your A/V boxes in one neatly organized rack and can distribute that signal throughout your property with a matrix switch.

All you will need to do is use your smart home’s control application and select which TV you would like to watch from. Instantly, you can have access to any cable box, media-streaming device or Blu-ray player throughout your house and enjoy your favorite content without the drawbacks of countless remotes and boxes throughout your living space.

3) You Can Hide Your Home Technology

Another way you can improve your smart home design is to hide your technology altogether. You can accomplish this through a variety of ways.

For example, if you own a multi-room audio system, you can upgrade to in-wall or in-ceiling speakers that seamlessly blend into your surrounding wall space.

You also have many options for hiding TVs throughout your living spaces.

Motorized lifts can conceal your television in a cabinet when you aren’t using it, while drop-down mechanisms can even hide your TV in the ceiling. If you don’t have the wall space available, you also can conceal your TV through a motorized painting or mirror panel that covers the television while it’s not in use.

Even some of the newest TVs feature a built-in ambient mode that replaces the lifeless screen with decorative content while the television is “off.”

If both interior design and smart home technology are important to you and your family, our team at Digital Interiors is here to help you enjoy the best of both worlds.

To learn more about our smart home design services here in the Metro Atlanta area, we encourage you to reach out to us!

Contact us here or chat live with us below to get in touch with our team today.


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