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3 Expert Tips to Achieve an Upgraded Home Lighting Design

3 Expert Tips to Achieve an Upgraded Home Lighting Design

Elevate Your Home’s Lighting Design with the Expert Support of Digital Interiors

If you’re an interior design-minded homeowner, you know that lighting plays a significant role in how your spaces look.

Lighting can set the mood and accentuate your prized interior design features, elevating any room from standard to stunning.

This brings us to the following question: Do you feel as if you’re making the most of your home’s lighting systems?

At Digital Interiors, we proudly work with homeowners throughout the Metro Atlanta area to elevate the home lighting design in their homes.

If you are interested in improving the lighting at your house and don’t know where to begin, we’re here to help. In this blog, we share three of the best ways you can upgrade your property’s interior lighting design this fall.

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1) Upgrade Your Home’s Lighting Controls

At many houses here in Metro Atlanta, the most common way to control the lights is through the standard on/off switch.

While it’s certainly easy to use, a standard on/off switch lacks the flexibility of intelligent lighting solutions.

By upgrading your controls and bulbs to ones that support controllable dimming capabilities, you can gain the ability to adjust a room’s lighting levels for any occasion.

Our team at Digital Interiors can help take your home beyond just standard dimming. We offer solutions from Lutron, the industry leader in intelligent lighting.

We not only can upgrade your lighting controls to support dimming, but a Lutron lighting control solution also allows you to manage your entire home’s lighting system from the convenience of a universal interface from your smartphone or an in-wall touchscreen panel or keypad.

Another favorite feature of a Lutron lighting solution is the ability to program and save lighting scenes. Say, for example, you want to program a “Welcome Home” scene that brightens the hallways from your front door to the living room after a long day away from the house. Instead of adjusting the lights every time you walk through the door, you can have a preset lighting scene stored on an in-wall keypad or your smartphone. With just a press of the button, you instantly can access that scene.

Our team can help you program any lighting scene throughout your house, perfect for allowing you to make the most of the lighting design throughout your property.

2) Consider Tunable LED Bulbs

One of the most noticeable, growing trends in the home lighting industry is tunable-white LED lighting, which can simulate daylight in an indoor environment.

The benefit of this is significant: By simulating natural light throughout the day inside your house, you can regain touch with your natural circadian rhythm and live a healthier lifestyle. You can set lights in the morning to be cooler and brighter, inspiring you to focus, while in the evening, lights can be warmer and dimmer, allowing you to relax after a long day.

Our team can help you select and install these upgraded light bulbs throughout your house, even adding the controls for these bulbs to your smart lighting system.

From the convenience of your smartphone, you’ll be able to adjust not only brightness but also the color tone of your lights. It’s the perfect upgrade for any home lighting design.

3) Add Elegant Light Fixtures

Of course, lighting doesn’t just have to include the fixtures already in your house. You can replace and add fixtures that can elevate your interior lighting design, as well.

As Atlanta’s leading Lutron dealer, we also offer its beautiful and innovative Ivalo LED lighting fixtures for local homeowners.

From pendants and sconces to recessed lighting and even linear fixtures, Ivalo lighting can add a “wow” factor to your interior design. And it’s not just the fixtures themselves that are impressive. Their bulbs boast an impressive CRI (color rendering index) value of 95 and higher, meaning they are specially designed to accurately illuminate a product’s true colors. (For any bulb, we recommend a CRI of at least 92.)

And best of all, you can manage Ivalo light fixtures through Lutron’s smart lighting control solutions.

At Digital Interiors, we are here to help Metro Atlanta homeowners elevate their home lighting design through intelligent, customized solutions.

If you want to learn more about our services, we encourage you to reach out to us today!

To get in touch, you can contact us here or chat live with a member of our team below.


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