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3 Exciting Benefits of a Multi-Room Audio Video Installation

3 Exciting Benefits of a Multi-Room Audio Video Installation

Make Entertaining Simpler and Get More From Your Devices

You’ve probably heard something described as “more powerful than the sum of its parts,” and it’s a principle that’s true of home automation. While the individual systems of your smart home can do a great deal on their own, they can do so much more when the devices are working in concert.

This is especially true of a multi-room A/V installation. A well-crafted home audio-video system that’s integrated with other smart home technology delivers exceptional performance while adding powerful new capabilities. Let’s examine three benefits of an integrated audio video installation for your home in the Highland Park, Texas area.

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We’ve all been through a situation where simply trying to figure out which remote controls which device in your home turns into a lengthy chore. Or, maybe you just can’t find the right remote for your TV altogether. A multi-room A/V installation eliminates these sorts of hassles.

By centralizing your audio and video sources and distributing those signals throughout your home instead of having separate devices in every room, you can control every TV and all your speakers from one device. This can be through your phone, a tablet, a wall panel, a universal remote or some combination of devices.

With the right setup, you can use the same control interface to stream different audio or video sources to different rooms within the house. This type of setup makes it easy for different family members to enjoy their content of choice without imposing on anyone else.


A distributed audio-video system also means fewer interruptions. If you’re watching a movie in your dedicated home theater and need to get up to grab a snack, you can stream that same movie to the TV in your kitchen so you don’t have to miss a minute of the action on screen.

The same idea is true of audio content. If you’re streaming music from your phone to your speakers using a Bluetooth connection, you’ll have to switch connections as you move from room to room, which can be a cumbersome task. With a whole-home audio system, your music can seamlessly follow you from room to room without interruption since the system runs on your existing home network.


Integrating your audio video installation with your home automation systems gives you the ability to do much more with those devices than they are capable of separately.

Let’s use your lights and shades as an easy example. While it’s certainly possible to control your TV, lights and shades separately to get the desired result, wouldn’t you rather just press one button and be done with the whole process? By linking your systems, you can get ready to watch a movie by turning on your TV and speaker system, dimming the lights and lowering the shades with one command on your control device.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unlocking the full potential of your home automation system. To learn more about the possibilities of an audio video installation at your home in the Highland Park area, call us at (972) 488-5100, contact us here or click on the chat box in the lower-right corner of your web browser.

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