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3 Clear Signs You Need a Home Networking Upgrade

3 Clear Signs You Need a Home Networking Upgrade

Here’s How Our Home Network Services Can Help Your Family

A proper network installation or upgrade can transform how all your smart technologies work throughout your property. But how do you know that you actually need home network services at your house?

We’ve listed out three clear signs to look out for at your house that are sure to let you know it’s time to improve your network so that your smart home is up and running at its full potential.

Keep reading below to find out the signs and to see what an upgrade can mean for you.


1. You Have “Spotty” Connection Areas in Your House

Do you ever find yourself moving around to various rooms and areas of your home, holding up your phone in an attempt to get a better Wi-Fi connection?

If your home has internet “dead zones,” in which you cannot access your home network from a variety of devices – whether it’s from your personal smart device or a smart home technology, it’s clear that your wireless router isn’t reaching every space in your house. In this scenario, the chances are that you need to extend your internet signal to hard-to-reach areas of your property.

2. You Experience Multiple Buffering or Slow-Working Devices at Once

There’s nothing worse than when your phone won’t play a video on YouTube and you only see a loading circle for ages. Or when you’re ready to watch a Netflix movie in your media room or home theater and it keeps pausing to buffer throughout each scene.

This likely means your network doesn’t have enough bandwidth available. Consider, for a moment, the sheer amount of internet-connected devices you have in your house. According to Cisco, by 2021 the average North American will own 13 internet-connected devices. Multiply that by however many people are in your household, and that number can easily reach 40 internet-connected devices – or more.

Most basic plans from internet service providers offer up to 150 Mbps speeds. While this can support a household that has between 10 to 15 internet-connected devices, it will struggle to maintain a home with dozens of devices simultaneously demanding connection to the web. This will result in slow response time from your devices, pauses to buffer, pixelated images and more.

3. You’ve Had a Network Security Breach

Perhaps the most crucial sign that you need an updated network in place is if you’ve had any form of a security breach into your personal files and documents.

Stolen identities and data are nothing to mess around with, and if you want to guarantee that it never happens to you again – or to prevent it from happening in the first place – a secure and robust connection with the best firewalls installed is sure to keep you and your family safe.

What Does an Upgrade Entail?

So now that you’ve determined you need a full home network upgrade from any of the signs listed above or maybe because you’re moving into a new home entirely – what does this installation include?

It might mean working with your internet service provider to bring larger bandwidth to your property to support your multiple devices running and streaming at once. It could also entail installing wireless access points in strategic spots to ensure that you’ll have a stable internet connection in every part of your home.

A more elaborate installation for your existing house or new build might mean a whole network infrastructure upgrade, involving the proper wiring and cabling throughout your walls and in planned-out areas of your property. This will lead to faster connections, steady and constant communication between your devices, and a dependable network system you can rely on at all times.

Want to learn more about our home network services and upgrades right here in the Delaware Valley? Our team of expert installers can answer all your questions and take you through the entire process.

Chat live with us below or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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