Why Motorized Shades Are the Smartest Addition to Any Space

Why Motorized Shades Are the Smartest Addition to Any Space

Design and Technology Meet for Automated Elegance

If there’s one thing interior designers fear most when they hear the phrase “integrated technology”, it’s that the various components you choose to install in your home can quickly overtake the aesthetics of a room. But if you’ve been following our blog, you know that tech can be hidden away easily and efficiently so you never have to see it. If there’s one element that most techies and designers can agree on, though, it’s that motorized shades are the perfect addition to any space. After the jump we’ll show you why.

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Hidden Beauty

You already know that smart shading can help lower your energy costs and minimize ambient lighting in all of your spaces. But the aspect that draws most homeowners to them is their simple, elegant beauty. Motorized shades come in a variety of designs, materials and styles – virtually as many as their non-motorized cousins – so even the most aesthetically-minded homeowner won’t object.

And depending on the type of shading you choose for the space, they can even remain completely hidden from view when they’re not in use. Motorized mechanisms can be installed within the molding around a window to hide them. At the touch of a button, roller or honeycomb shades can drop down and either completely block out light or minimize the effects of UV rays on the room.

Aesthetic Variety

But you’re not limited to roller shades or hidden technology. Window treatments exist among the design elements that can really bring a room together, so there’s no need to tuck them away within the walls if you don’t want to. Curtains, drapes and blinds can all protect your spaces from excess daylight while also hiding their automation in plain sight.

Drapes are a staple of many rooms because they can add a touch of color and class. A motorized system allows you to hide the mechanisms with a standard-looking curtain rod, so you have full control over your smart shades.

Plus, you can add multiple types of shading to a space with double-rollers. If you’d like to have both blackout curtains and sunshades in your room, you can install both for total convenience.

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