Why Bring Audio Video Distribution to Your Office?

Why Bring Audio Video Distribution to Your Office?

How a Commercial AV System Boosts Your Company’s Productivity

As an office manager or a business executive, you’re always focused on your company’s bottom line. You want your employees to be productive and for your office space to be conducive to overall success throughout the company.

Out of all the office upgrades available, one often overlooked possibility is an office-wide audio video distribution system. Just what are the benefits to this type of system for your office in the Philadelphia area?

We dive into all the features and technologies in this blog. Keep reading on below to learn more.


Conference Room Meetings and Presentations

A distributed audio video solution for your office can allow for messages to be spread throughout your entire workspace, but it also can include upgrades for the most important spaces in your office – such as your conference room or boardroom.

Giving a presentation or hosting an important meeting with employees or top clients can already be nerve-wracking. So, imagine your A/V system taking charge and helping set the scene, eliminating time wasted getting technology to cooperate.

Pressing just a single button can turn on your projector and lower the projection screen so that ready to go before you even begin a meeting. Integrating the rest of your room’s commercial automation features, like motorized shades, lighting, and climate control, into your A/V system will also help prep the room for whatever the meeting.

Crystal-clear audio through surround sound speakers means you won’t continually have to ask a client or remote employee to repeat themselves, and HD or 4K projectors deliver vivid video that won’t be riddled with glitches and buffering when coupled with a strong internal network. Additionally, you can add top-of-the-line video conferencing equipment to ensure your company delivers on the professional image that is so important to your business.

Make Planning Easier

An audio video distribution system helps make planning your day-to-day business operations easier than ever. Set up screens outside conference rooms that say who and when a meeting will be taking place, and let others sign up for various time slots throughout the workday.

You can make announcements over speakers that are installed throughout the building, letting employees know if a company-wide meeting is starting or even if there are cookies in the refreshments area.

With huddle rooms, you’ll have smaller conference room setup areas that employees can use when the other larger ones are taken. These can have A/V components within them as well, and work for brainstorming or mini-conference calls and meetings.

Distribute Messages (and Music) Effectively

One of the best ways to spread messages throughout the office is through making the most of the connected screens and speakers within your distributed A/V system.

Use your TVs to display digital signage that promotes events or spreads important information or show live TV coverage of a network that is closely related to your business’ operations.

As mentioned in the section above, as well, you can use your distributed speaker system to spread important messages related to office operations. But if you also find that your employees react positively music, you also can have speakers throughout the office play music that inspires your employees to be productive.

Controlling your audio video system can be effortless, as well. From a user interface that can be featured on an exclusive tablet or a wall-mounted touchscreen panel, you can control every connected speaker and display in your office, changing music services, TV channels or digital signage with ease.

Want to learn more about how an audio video distribution solution can elevate your Philadelphia-area office space? BRAVAS Philadelphia is here to help.

Feel free to give us a call at (856) 751-1100 or contact us here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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