Which Speakers are Right for Your Whole Home Audio System?

Which Speakers are Right for Your Whole Home Audio System?

A Guide to Choosing the Right Components for All of Your Spaces

There’s a lot of joy to be had with a whole home audio system in your Haddonfield, New Jersey property. From the moment you walk in the door to the second you go to sleep at night, every room can be filled with your favorite tunes for as long as you’d like. But not all rooms are created equal, and your audio system will need to reflect that if you want to enjoy the sound and the look of your components. That’s why we’ve put together this guide for choosing the right speakers for your spaces. Learn more after the jump.

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Wireless Bookshelf Speakers

For plenty of homeowners, the convenience and clean look of wireless speakers are paramount to a whole home audio system. Even dedicated audiophiles (who previously may have scoffed at the idea of a wireless system due to lower sound quality) have begun to come around thanks to the latest developments in wireless audio.

Take, for instance, the latest Klipsch Reference Premier HD Wireless line of speakers. Specifically designed to produce resonant sound without the need for heavy installation, a Klipsch speaker is a perfect choice for a home theater or living room. The results are the same: reliable quality that makes any space a sonic wonderland.

In-Wall Speakers

While wireless systems are convenient for many, design-inclined homeowners won’t want any bulky components filling up their spaces. For them, we recommend in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. Whether you want optimal sound quality with recessed designs, or fully invisible components, there are plenty of options available.

For some, the idea of a heavy installation required for architectural speakers is a turn off. However, clever designs make installation easier than you may think. For example, Origin Acoustics’ Composer series only requires a 10-12 inch hole cut into the wall – big enough to accommodate a rubber gasket– and the speaker slides right in. This is a simple job that requires minimal modification to the walls.

Floor Standing Speakers

The crown-jewel of many dedicated listening rooms, floor standing speakers really haven’t changed much since their hey-day in the mid-twentieth century – at least, not in ways that you’d probably see. But today’s floor standing speakers sound better than ever, thanks to constant modifications made by manufacturers, new materials, new science and new ideas.

Just look at the recently overhauled Diamond Series by Bowers and Wilkins. Taking perfection to the next level, the new version of their flagship line features rigid bracing, thick, metal-reinforced birch plywood box, and a redesigned cone driver that sits atop the unit. While many were skeptical that B&W could really pull off re-building their speakers from the ground up, few have been left unimpressed.

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