What Home Media Room Upgrades Can You Look Forward to in 2017?

What Home Media Room Upgrades Can You Look Forward to in 2017?

Get More out of Your Medford, NJ Media Room Entertainment in the New Year

Now that the New Year is finally here, new technology for your home media room is just beginning to show up. With CES 2017 – one of the biggest home technology shows of the year – behind us, it’s a good time to predict what will be making waves in your home and throughout the industry in the coming months. In this blog, we’ll highlight some cool new trends you can look forward to when planning your next media room upgrade. Read on for more. 

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If you’ve been following our blog, you know that OLED TV backlighting is an exciting but not exactly practical option for your video display. However, 2017 may just change that. Sony is the latest manufacturer to announce plans for two new OLED models. They join the ranks of other major TV developers who have also announced plans to jump aboard the OLED bandwagon. The New Year may just be a bright one for the controversial TV backlighting technology.

Alexa-Compatible TV Services

Now that voice control (namely, Amazon Alexa) has taken the home automation world by storm, it’s no surprise that TV providers have taken notice. Dish Network has recently announced that their Dish Hopper service will be the first to sport full Alexa compatibility. That means you can find your favorite channels, shows and actors by simply speaking to your remote. Will voice control change the way you interact with your TV the way it did your smart home? We’ll find out later in the year.  

Expanding Immersive Audio

For audiophiles, the biggest change in media tech over the past few years has been the emergence of immersive audio. The format allows listeners to experience their sound as if it’s coming at them from all angles. It has already changed the way we listen to our favorite movies, and now it can possibly have even more impact on our home audio.

First, manufacturers are producing receivers capable of streaming high res sound. High res is sort of like 4K UHD for your ears. New receivers are also beginning to support even more channels, so you may not be limited to a 5.1.2 system.

Additionally, headphone developers are beginning to experiment with immersive audio capabilities. This could mean a world of difference for fans of music and virtual reality alike.

What are you most excited about in home media room technology this year? Contact Hi-Fi Sales today to begin your next entertainment upgrade.

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