Using Voice Control to Interface With Your Smart Home Automation System

Using Voice Control to Interface With Your Smart Home Automation System

Control4 Is a Leader in Amazon Alexa Integration

Control4 Is a Leader in Amazon Alexa Integration

One of the best parts of any smart home automation system is how easy it is to control. Whether you want to command your entire system with one touch, or you want to utilize timers to keep controls hands free, there are plenty of options available to you. But one of the coolest additions to your smart home control arsenal is Amazon Alexa. That’s why Control4 was the first smart home manufacturer to integrated Alexa voice control into their system. In this blog, we’ll show you how easy it is to enjoy integrated voice control with your smart home system in your Voorhees, NJ property.

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Alexa, Turn on the Lights

Among the many great money and time saving features of your smart home system, integrated lighting can reduce energy costs and make your home look great. If you already have a smart control system, you’re probably used to swiping a touch-panel screen or using wall mounted controls to adjust every area of your system. With Alexa voice control, things are slightly different.

The command “Alexa, dim the lights” might lower the brightness of every fixture in the room. However, “Alexa, dim the lights in the living room” will effect only that specific area. Alexa allows you to get very specific with the commands you give your system, and thanks to internet connectivity you don’t have to worry about accent or vocabulary. Simply say what you want and it happens.

Alexa, Lock the Doors

Some homeowners are surprised to learn that one of Alexa’s limitations is smart locks. For most integrated entryways, you can’t just say “Alexa, lock the doors” and see the result happen. But there’s a very good reason for that: you don’t want anyone coming into your home simply by giving a command to your voice control system.

But it still remains one of the concerns many homeowners face. Alexa’s biggest competitors, like Google Home, have already started working on voice-recognition software that will prevent unauthorized users from taking advantage of your system. But today, it’s simply better to enjoy the security of manually controlling your smart locks.

Alexa, Learn Something New

While it’s not as simple as just commanding it to do so, teaching Alexa new tricks is a pretty easy thing to do. By using the Alexa interface via the Control4 app, you can continue to add devices to your system as long as your network supports them. After that, you can take full advantage with the power of your own voice. 


Are you ready to take advantage of Alexa voice control in your new or existing Control4 smart home automation system? Contact Hi-Fi Sales today for more information! 

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