URC Total Control 2.0 Makes Home Automation Effortless

URC Total Control 2.0 Makes Home Automation Effortless

Achieve Total Home Control with URC

Are you looking for a home automation system that is easy to use?  Perhaps you’re not sure what a home automation system actually is, or what it can do for you.

Our partner URC (Universal Remote Control) has a long history in the control business for both residential and commercial applications.

Their new system, Total Control 2.0, is their flagship solution for full automation and control of your Philadelphia-area home. One of the defining features of the new URC home automation system is the ability to create customized graphical interfaces for truly simple and intuitive operation of smart home capabilities.

Intrigued? Read on to find out more.

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Smart Home Control

What is a Smart home, anyway? It’s really about giving you integrated control, monitoring, and automation over things you might have to manage manually. Let’s touch on some examples.

You may want a certain set of lights to come on as daylight fades. With Total Control 2.0, that’s easy.  You can create multiple lighting scenes. For example, at sunset you can have your outside lights fade up, illuminating part of your garden and patio and bringing up kitchen and hallway lights. 

With the system, you can also integrate other home systems into the act. Have an outdoor spa? Warm it to the right temperature in the evening, directly from your URC interface. Set your sprinklers to come on at times you’re not in the yard – but also automatically ensure that they don’t run in winter. Set heating and cooling temperatures in your house to your preferences based on time of year, and have your HVAC go into an energy-efficient mode when you’re away.

For a summer evening pool party, a press of a button can warm the pool to the right temperature, set the outside lights for party mode, and cue up your preferred music playlist on your outside speakers. 

For peace of mind, Total Control 2.0 can also provide one-button control to lock doors, set the alarm system, and arm security cameras. A goodnight mode can set all your indoor and outdoor lights to your preferences and provide you with a view of your security cameras from a touchscreen at your bedside.

Intuitive Operation

If you perhaps think that all these features sound great but you might need a user manual to figure it all out, that’s not what URC home automation is about. One of the great features of Total Control 2.0 is the ability to access all this power from a variety of devices. For example, for entertainment control, you can have a customized remote with screens and hard buttons that make it easy to choose the content you want to hear or see, and control volume, lights, and more. 

If you like touchscreens, tabletop and in-wall models are available that can do many functions. Besides aggregating control over things like lights and audio, they can provide a view from surveillance cameras around your home, and even remotely unlock the door for a guest or delivery. What’s more, the graphics on these screens can be customized with pictures of your home’s rooms, making it easy to choose the right function. 

If you like to control things from the device that’s almost always with you, Total Control 2.0 provides the same customized graphics on the mobile smartphone apps, giving you another way to manage your home. 

Finally, sometimes your hands are tied up, and you just want to tell the system what you want. Total Control has you covered there too; it can integrate with a variety of Alexa-enabled and Google Assistant speakers to do your bidding. 

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