Update Your Smart Home Automation System in Time for the Holidays

Update Your Smart Home Automation System in Time for the Holidays

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With the holidays almost upon us, it’s the perfect time of year to go through a rundown of what smart technologies in your home are functioning properly for all the festivities ahead. Whether you’re staying at home with family or hosting guests for a majority of the season, you’ll want your smart home automation systems and solutions to all be up to date.

Our team at Hi-Fi Sales can review every smart solution and feature you have, ensuring you can rely on them all holiday long. Want to learn more about this checklist we’ll go through to make sure your smart home is up to par? Keep reading on below.

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Crystal-Clear TV Screens for Entertainment

Before or after everyone enjoys your prepared holiday meal, there will more than likely be some downtime. Not to mention, if you have several family members staying with you, you’ll want to keep them entertained throughout the week. You can turn on a holiday classic for a dedicated movie night or let a film marathon play in the background as everyone enjoys one another’s company. But how your screens look makes all the difference.

Are your TVs working well? And if so, how good is the image quality? If you have a standard television, you can consider upgrading to a 4K-resolution screen that produces vivid, lifelike images. If you already have 4K, then 8K is the next step and perfect for a home theater or movie buff that wants every scene detailed and larger than life. Impress guests and give them a treat every time they view your TV displays with these upgrades.

High-End Audio Speakers for Holiday Cheer

Classic carols and sing-along-songs can get anyone in the spirit for celebrating. Multi-room audio lets you deliver these melodies throughout your property, but if your speakers aren’t working at their highest level, then you’re only getting subpar audio distribution.

You can remedy this by having our team check out your audio equipment and speakers’ performance. Then you can be ready to greet guests at the front door with cheery songs, play background music as they dine and converse, and then pump up the tunes again as they hang out around the house and prepare for any and every festive event.

Upgrade Home Network for a Reliable Connection

With so many people in the house at once, your home network that normally runs quite quickly will soon become overcrowded with a plethora of new devices trying to fit on its bandwidth. This is why a home network upgrade is crucial. You want your internet connection running optimally throughout your guests’ entire stay.

A wired installation and upgrade, plus additional wireless routers placed throughout your property, will eliminate any dead spots, and keep everyone’s smart devices running properly. No more buffering videos or loading computer screens – now your smart home can continue to run smoothly, the whole holiday season.

Lighting Control to Illuminate Your Space

Smart lighting control can help you bring light to any part of your home, both inside and out – and make dimming certain areas a breeze. But are your set “scenes” and scheduling setups up to date? A press of a button that creates the perfect lighting event is crucial during this joyful and often hectic season.

With Control4’s recent OS 3 software update, you can manage your lighting, along with every other component of your smart home system, with ease. Create new scenes, choose which rooms you’re turning lighting fixtures on and off in, and dim or brighten the lights to set the right mood. The OS 3 interface is sleek and user-friendly, as well as providing a “Favorites” feature that makes selecting your favorite solutions and scenes easier than ever.

Change your lighting’s color to match your holiday and brighten up your entire home to create that festive and jolly atmosphere.

Want to find out more about these smart home automation upgrades for your space just in time for the holidays? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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