This Holiday Season, Simplify Your Spaces With Smart Home Automation

This Holiday Season, Simplify Your Spaces With Smart Home Automation

Hi-Fi Sales Makes Winter With the Family Easier Than Ever

Wouldn’t life be perfect if you could spend all day in your home theater? Unfortunately, there are certain instances when you have to join the rest of Haddonfield, New Jersey in the real world. The winter holidays are just such an occasion, and there’s nothing more convenient than having an intuitive, smart home automation system to take care of your basic needs, enhance your family time and make the holidays more fun. From keeping everyone entertained while dinner is being prepared, to making sure everyone is safe while they visit, this blog will show you how smart automation can enhance your holidays.

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Welcome Everyone in Safety and Style

The safety of your family is imperative, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Welcome the family to your home this year with elegant lighting and robust security.

Your front yard is the perfect place for a landscape lighting installation. Install LED bulbs and select from a wide range of colors to give your home a festive look. You can even integrate outdoor audio to create a welcoming atmosphere for your approaching family.

Of course, you’ll want to be aware of when anybody approaches your door. Smart doorbells are a perfect, unobtrusive way to keep an eye on your front door and greet your family even if you can’t get there right away. Say hello using the video features on your smart phone or tablet, and let them in with the touch of a button on the same device via automated door locks.  

Entertain the Family With Advanced AV

As the family begins to gather in your home, the right soundtrack is key. Select a playlist from iTunes or Spotify, using the Universal Remote Control app on your mobile phone or tablet. A robust audio distribution system will then play the music through strategically placed, virtually invisible in-wall speakers. Everyone will be able to listen to the tunes clearly, without having to shout over them.

Once the family settles in, bring them to your family room, which features an advanced home theater setup. A Sony 4K television, immersive Bowers and Wilkins surround sound and controls so simple everyone can enjoy them. Hand the controller over to the kids and let them choose from an assortment of cartoons, or give it to grandma to choose a holiday classic.

Dinner Time is Easy as Pie

When dinner is ready, call everyone into the dining room by using a whole home intercom. Simply press a button and you’re able to communicate with every room of the home.

While everyone is sitting around the table, adjust the lights to create an intimate atmosphere, perfect for catching up with everyone. Take a look at your beautiful landscape by raising the shades with a single button, or lower them to keep the warmth in.

After everyone is finished eating and you’re ready to say goodbye, make sure everyone gets to their cars safely by monitoring surveillance footage. At the end of the night, arm your security system, lock the doors and shut off any remaining lights both indoor and out in one fell swoop, thanks to your fully automated home.

Let us help make your holidays easier this year with a smart home automation system in your Haddonfield property. Contact us today! 

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