These Are the Most Important Parts of Your Two-Channel Audio Chain

These Are the Most Important Parts of Your Two-Channel Audio Chain

Make Sure Your System Sounds Great From Beginning to End

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a big fan of two-channel audio. That’s great! So are we.

You probably enjoy sitting for hours in a dedicated listening space getting lost in your collection for hours.

But one aspect of the audio system that many homeowners overlook is that it’s more than just a pair of great sounding speakers.

There’s a whole network of devices you need to make the sound impeccable from start to finish.

In this blog, we’ll show you what you need to get the most out of your audio chain, whether you’re listening in a single room or streaming across your entire Bryn Mawr, PA home.

Ready to get started? Just keep reading!

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Start With the Source

Just like with everything, its best to start at the beginning when you’re dealing with an audio chain.

That means the source.

The source is the device that plays your music. It can be a turntable, iPod, tape deck or any other component that comes into direct contact with your music.

If the source is bad – say, if you’re playing from a turntable with a worn needle or you’re streaming MP3 files – you won’t achieve great sound, no matter the quality of the rest of your components.


The receiver decodes and pushes out the signal from your source to the various other electronic components of your audio system.

It’s one of the most important aspects of your sound system because it essentially is the sound system. Each component connects to it.

Modern AV receivers also act as switches between your TV audio and music audio.

Amplifier and Pre-Amp

Most modern AV receivers feature amps and pre-amps. It’s great for homeowners who want to consolidate space.

But for others, the pre-amp and amplifier combo is key.

For them, the pre-amp works as a receiver that captures and translates the signal and then sends it to the amplifier, which makes it loud enough to enjoy.

Most contemporary systems don’t require pre-amps, but depending on the size of your system, you may need an amplifier or two.

If you’re trying to stream across an entire house or in the backyard, a stronger signal may be required.

Component Cables

One of the most frequently overlooked aspects of any audio system, from two-channel to complete whole-home sound systems, is the cabling.

If you think you’re getting the best sound with standard component cables, you may be mistaken.

Copper cabling sounds great for most analog audio, like vinyl records, but it can have trouble with full lossless digital files. Especially if you want to stream 4K video over the same cables.

After the cables comes the speakers, and there you have your audio chain!

Of course, every system is different, and what sounds good in one home may not work in another.

If you have questions or if you want to get started right now, let’s talk!

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